Kimbo Versus a Legend!

Brian IgnacioContributor IOctober 3, 2008

Can Kimbo Slice defeat the world's most dangerous man this saturday night, Oct. 4?

I personally think he might win, if he could avoid Shamrock's takedowns and keep this fight standing. I would love to see how improved he has gotten on the ground though if Shamrock does manage to take him down.

Kimbo was Pathetic on the ground against James Thompson, and if he is still the same person that he was when he fought James, Kimbo could be looking at his first defeat at Elite XC, because Ken Shamrock is motivated to beating the YouTube famed Star.

For a 44 year old fighter, Ken Shamrock can take a pretty good beating. He has a tough jaw, but will it withstand the heavy punches Kimbo has in store for him. Shamrock isn't the same fighter that he was during the beginning of his career.

Ken is near his final run of his career, and a defeat this Saturday might seal the deal for his retirement. So for Shamrock to win this match he would have to put him to the mat and work him from there. 

Overall, I think this match won't disappoint because you got two men trying to prove themselves, a legend versus a star. This will be Kimbo's first real test, so lets see if this match lives to its hype.


Prediction: Kimbo Slice wins by knockout