The 100 Most Famous WAGs of All Time

Scott HowardContributor IApril 4, 2011

The 100 Most Famous WAGs of All Time

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    It's been a part of our vocabulary for a long time now, but it's finally official.

    Look up the word "WAG" in the dictionary and right beneath "to move from side to side, forward and backward, or up and down, especially rapidly and repeatedly" you will find the definition of the word you are more familiar with:

    "The wife or girlfriend of a famous sportsman."

    The word "sportsman" sounds like somebody who goes into the forest and chops down trees, but I think we know what they're talking about.

    To commemorate this momentous occasion, I have compiled a list of the 100 most famous WAGs of all time. Keep in mind that these aren't necessarily the hottest, but rather the WAGs that made the word popular enough to make it into the lexicon.

    The English language is forever in their debt. 


100. Oksana Andersson

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    This model/reality TV star became a WAG when she dated soccer player Christian Wilhelmsson. The couple split up, but she remains one of the most famous WAGs of all time. 


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99. Jillian Barberie

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    She proved that you don't have to be married to a famous athlete to be a famous WAG.

    Her former husband, Bret Barberie, hit .271 in six MLB seasons, quite a few seasons less than Jillian's been on television.

    A rare instance where the WAG has eclipsed her athlete. Well done.


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98. Shaunie O'Neal

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    Remember we said most famous, not hottest. Shaq's ex-wife saw her fame skyrocket when she created and starred in the reality show, Basketball Wives.

    She gets extra credit because she is one of the only members of the cast to actually have been married to a basketball player.



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97. Erin Barry

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    Erin Barry wasn't that famous for marrying NBA player Brent Barry.

    She did draw fame, however, when she was rumored to be the reason why Tony Parker and Eva Longoria split up.



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96. Bethany Dempsey

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    American soccer is on the rise, and so are American soccer WAGs. Bethany is the wife of Clint Dempsey, and she is ready to compete with her European counterparts.



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95. Lorena Bernal

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    A model and former Miss Spain, this one is famous for dating soccer player Mikel Arteta.

    She's also done some acting in the states, appearing on CSI and Chuck.



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94. Jessica Simpson

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    Although she got on our radar in her reality show, Newlyweds, with her ex-husband Nick Lachey, she achieved WAG status when she started dating Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys.

    Romo played a lot worse while they were dating, and now Simpson is engaged to another football player, Eric Johnson.

93. Maria Sharapova

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    Sure she's an athlete herself, but Sharapova also became a WAG when she started dating former Laker and current Net Sasha Vujacic.

    They're currently engaged, but I don't know if it's a good sign when the WAG is a better athlete than her boyfriend. 

92. Keyshia Cole

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    The R&B singer became a WAG when she married Cleveland Cavaliers guard Daniel "Boobie" Gibson.

    I wonder which of Keyshia's characteristics he likes the best?



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91. Nicole Scherzinger

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    The lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls became a WAG when started dating F1 racer Lewis Hamilton in 2008.

    She lost her status when they broke up in 2010, but love seems to have conquered all, as they are currently back together.

    That is, until the next time they break up.

90. Khloe Kardashian

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    Tired of seeing her sisters steal the spotlight, Khloe shocked the world by marrying Lamar Odom after only a few months of dating.

    So far so good for Khloe, although Lamar does have to put up with some unfriendly chants in Boston.




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89. Carmella DeCesare

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    Jeff Garcia was tired of hearing rumors about his sexuality. He was so tired, in fact, that he started dating and married Playboy playmate Carmella DeCesare.

    I guess that's one way to shut people up.


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88. Rihanna

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    Rihanna famously bounced back from a rocky relationship with singer Chris Brown by dating L.A. Dodgers centerfielder Matt Kemp.

    Matt Kemp even walked up to the plate to the sounds of Rihanna's music at some Dodger home games. Alas, it appears to have been nothing more than a rebound; the couple split up in late 2010.



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87. Joanna Garcia

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    The sitcom actress became one of the most famous WAGs when she started dating and later married New York Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher.

    Not sure if Swisher celebrated the engagement with a pie to the face, but I wouldn't rule it out.



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86. Tawny Kitaen

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    Most known for her performance on top of a car in Whitesnake's Here I Go Again video, Kitaen became a WAG when she married former Angels ace Chuck Finley in 1997.

    Unfortunately, it didn't end so well, as Kitaen and Finley split after she was accused of physically attacking her husband in a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.

    Needless to say that Celebrity Rehab was in her future.

85. Jackie Christie

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    Jackie Christie is known for being former NBA player Doug Christie's wife. She's also known for being absolutely nuts.

    The couple was supposed to get their own reality show but it fell through, indicating that Jackie may be too crazy even for reality TV.




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84. Janet Jones

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    The Police Academy star was married to the Great One, Wayne Gretzky,  in 1988. In terms of a celebrity wife, she seems to be one of the most supportive and stable, setting the ideal for any up-and-coming WAG.

    Plus she looks good in a uniform.



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83. Kim Alexis

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    She's a blast from the past, but back in the '80s, Kim Alexis was one of the hottest models around.

    She became a WAG when she married hockey player Ron Duguay.



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82. Federica Ridolfi

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    This model became a WAG when she started dating soccer player Giuliano Giannichedda.

    Maybe it's because she could actually pronounce his name.



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81. Elin Nordegren

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    Elin is definitely one of the most famous WAGs of all time...but for all the wrong reasons.

    Sure, she was cheated on countless times, but she can take solace in the fact that Tiger hasn't won since the divorce.

    Oh yeah and she also won hundreds of millions of dollars from him. That's got to help.




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80. Gabrielle Union

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    The actress, famous for her role as an East Compton Clover cheerleader in Bring It On, became a WAG when she was linked to superstar Dwyane Wade.

    Oh it's already been brought...




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79. Bridgette Wilson

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    Perhaps best known as Veronica Vaughn in Billy Madison, Bridgette Wilson became a WAG when she married tennis legend Pete Sampras.

    Since Pete's retired and Bridgette hasn't been in many movies recently, they must be doing a lot of traveling.

    Not sure if they'll be taking any bus trips, though. 




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78. Angie Harmon

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    The Law & Order star became a WAG when she married former NFL defensive back Jason Sehorn.

    These days she keeps busy by annoying sports fans with her Rizzoli & Isles commercials during Thursday night TNT basketball.



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77. Joumana Kidd

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    The former wife of Jason Kidd was famous for getting into the headlines when her husband played in New Jersey.

    The couple split up amid rumors of domestic violence in 2007, but that hasn't stopped Joumana, who offered herself up on a date to the highest bidder, for charity, of course.

    Why, what were you thinking?



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76. Halle Berry

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    Talk about a '90s power couple! Dave Justice was a stud for the Braves who landed his dream girl in Halle Berry.

    Shortly afterwards, Halle's stock started to rise while Justice's started to plummet. A sure sign of disaster for any celebrity couple.



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75. Carmen Electra

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    I can't say that too many people were surprised to see Carmen Electra split with her husband Dennis Rodman in 1999 after just six months of marriage.

    We were surprised to see that Dennis Rodman stole her wedding dress.



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74. Elsa Benitez

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    Possibly the first of many SI cover model-athlete relationships, Elsa Benitez and former NBA center Rony Seikaly set the stage for future WAGs.

    The marriage didn't last, but it did give hope to all seven-foot Lebanese guys with a lot of hair.




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73. Tyra Banks

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    Tyra is pretty much a raving lunatic these days, but back in the day she was an SI cover model and a prized commodity for any celebrity.

    Chris Webber was lucky enough to snag her and Tyra took full advantage, showing up courtside to cheer on her man. Unfortunately (or fortunately for Webber), the couple split up.



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72. Rosaria Cannavo

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    This model became a WAG when she started dating soccer player Christian Panucci.




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71. Stephanie McGwire

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    Mark McGwire became the all-time single-season home run leader back in 1998, the same year that his wife Stephanie started to get noticed.

    Looks like Mark wasn't the only one using "enhancers."




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70. Vanessa Minnillo

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    Derek Jeter should really have his own list. Minnillo was one of Jeter's many girlfriends before he settled down with Minka Kelly.

    Minnillo has since moved on to Nick Lachey, the ex of Jessica Simpson, who is currently a WAG herself. Full circle.



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69. Jessica Biel

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    Yeah, we know. Derek Jeter knows how to pick 'em. Here's yet another of his WAGs on the list, Jessica Biel.

    She's also dated Justin Timberlake, so through those two, she's conquered the sports, music and acting worlds. Well done.

68. Tanya Robinson

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    Tanya Robinson is a model who became a WAG when she married soccer player Steven Taylor.

    Don't confuse him with Steven Tyler. Although he may have been with her as well.




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67. Marisa Miller

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    No doubt Miller is one of the hottest swimsuit models of all time. She be came a WAG when she started dating Dale Earnhardt Jr.

    The romance was brief but, hey, any excuse to put her on this list, right?



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66. Jamie Lynn-Sigler

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    The Sopranos star was linked to NY Jets QB Mark Sanchez, before he moved on to 17-year-old high school students.



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65. Vanessa Williams

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    The singer and former Miss America became a WAG when she married Rick Fox in 1999.

    The couple divorced in 2004 and Fox has since moved on to the much younger Eliza Dushku, but Williams still gets credit for being a WAG.



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64. Kelly Brook

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    Brook became a WAG when she dated Danny Cipriani from 2008-2010. If there was ever a reason to pay attention to rugby...this is it.




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63. Misty May Treanor

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    The Olympic beach volleyball champion became a WAG when she started dating baseball player Matt Treanor.

    Not sure how she feels about being much more accomplished than her husband...




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62. Molly Beers

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    This WAG was linked to Mets star David Wright. She became famous because her last name is Beers.

    I suppose that's as good a reason as any.




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61. Steffi Graf

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    Steffi Graf is arguably the greatest women's tennis player of all time.

    She also became one of the most famous WAGs of all time when she married fellow tennis star Andre Agassi.

    I wouldn't want to play singles against their son.




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60. Jennie Finch

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    A hot athlete in her own right, Finch became a WAG when she married pitcher Casey Daigle.

    It's got to be weird when you're a better professional pitcher than your husband.



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59. Heidi DeRosa

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    Heidi became a WAG when she married MLB utility man Mark DeRosa.

    She's famous for giving people a reason to talk about Mark DeRosa.





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58. Tamia Hill

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    R&B singer Tamia became a WAG when she married NBA player Grant Hill.

    Grant was poised to be one of the greatest players of all time before injuries derailed his career.

    Not sure if the same can be said for Tamia's singing career.




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57. Lisa Guerrero

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    Lisa Guerrero is an accomplished journalist who mixed business and pleasure when she married pitcher Scott Erickson in 2004.

    Needless to say, it's not her journalistic integrity we're concerned with.



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56. Mia Hamm

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    Hamm was already an Olympic soccer hero, but she became a WAG when she married Nomar Garciaparra.

    Hope she's not kicking any balls around the house.

55. Anna Sedokova

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    This WAG is famous for marrying soccer player Valentine Belkevich.

    With her, it's like every day is Valentine's Day.




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54. Laura Posada

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    Laura became a famous WAG when this photo of her in Yankees body paint surfaced.

    The pinstripes have never looked so good.




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53. Luli Fernandez

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    This model became a WAG when she dated soccer player Fernando Gago.

    Needless to say, we're going Gago over her as well.





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52. Stephenie LaGrossa

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    Stephenie was known for being on Survivor before she became a WAG by dating pitcher Kyle Kendrick.

    I wouldn't vote her off my island.




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51. Debbie Clemens

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    Debbie Clemens became a famous WAG when she posed for this spread for the SI swimsuit edition.

    Later, Clemens claimed that a shipment of HGH he received was actually for his wife.

    Judging by this picture, I kind of believe him.




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50. Sylvie Van Der Vaart

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    This WAG is married to Dutch soccer player Rafael Van Der Vaart.

    She's famous for being a co-host of the German version of America's Got Talent.

    I think she's got some talent as well.




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49. Aleka Kamila

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    This model became a WAG when she married NBA player Peja Stojakovic.

    While Peja's game has declined, it looks like Aleka is still in top form.



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48. Trina

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    Rapper Trina became a famous WAG when she started dating former NBA No. 1 overall pick Kenyon Martin.

    Not sure where Trina would go in the female rapper draft, but it would probably be somewhere towards the top.



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47. Masha Kirilenko

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    Masha is a Russian pop singer who became a WAG when she married Utah Jazz forward Andrei Kirilenko.

    She drew worldwide headlines in 2006 when she told the Salt Lake Tribune that she allows her husband to sleep with one groupie a year.

    As great as it sounds, Andrei said that he has yet to cash in his allowance. That leads me to think it's one of those tricks that girls play and she's waiting to bust him once he admits to it.

    Andrei's a smart guy. 



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46. Vanessa Bryant

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    Mrs. Kobe Bryant got headlines for all the wrong reasons when her husband admitted to cheating on her amid charges of rape.

    A tattoo on Kobe's arm and a huge rock on Vanessa's finger seemed to quell that situation.




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45. Lala Vasquez

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    The former MTV veejay became a WAG when she started dating and later married NBA star Carmelo Anthony.

    She didn't seem too upset when they moved from Denver to New York.




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44. Alicia Rickter

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    Alicia Rickter became a WAG when she married Mike Piazza. She's famous for taking her clothes off for money.

    God bless her for it.





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43. Meagan Good

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    The actress became a WAG when she started dating NFL running back Thomas Jones.

    Yeah...she's good. Too easy.





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42. Jenn Sterger

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    Not sure if you can count her as a WAG, but she's certainly famous enough to be on this list. Sterger is known for receiving dirty texts from creepy old man Brett Favre.

    She's also known for two other things that I can think of.




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41. Jennifer Walcott

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    Jennifer Walcott is known for being a Playboy model, but she became a WAG when she married NFL defensive back Adam Archuleta.

    Hopefully she doesn't get him confused with David Archuleta.




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40. Willa Ford

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    This pop singer became a WAG when she married hockey player Mike Modano.

    I couldn't tell you one song she's made, but I still know her name...the sign of a famous WAG.





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39. Alessia Ventura

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    This Italian showgirl became a WAG when she started dating soccer star Filippo Inzaghi. I'm sure his play improved quite soon after that.




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38. Carrie Prejean

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    The former Miss California had her title stripped due to controversial comments, but that doesn't stop her from being one of the most famous WAGs of all time.

    She's married to NFL QB Kyle Boller.




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37. Martina Colombari

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    This model became a WAG when she married soccer player Alessandro Costacurta.




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36. Jaime Bergman

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    Jaime, another Playboy playmate, became a WAG when she married Tim Couch.

    Hopefully his marriage lasts longer than his pro football career.




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35. Heather Mitts

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    Heather Mitts is a soccer player for the U.S. national team, but she's also a WAG, famous for marrying quarterback AJ Feeley.

34. Adriana Karembeu

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    This actress/model became a WAG when she married soccer star Christian Karembeu.




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33. Alena Seredova

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    This model and former Miss Czech Republic is famous for dating soccer player Gianluigi Buffon. No language barrier there.





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32. Brande Roderick

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    The former Playboy model became a WAG when she married former NFL linebacker Glenn Cadrez.

    She must be a famous WAG, since we never would have heard of her husband without her.





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31. Julie Henderson

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    The model became a WAG when she started dating Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers.

    Something tells me he doesn't mind putting that championship belt around her.




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30. Ashley Judd

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    Ashley Judd has been in the sports world for a long time, mostly known as a huge supporter of the Kentucky Wildcats.

    She officially joined the WAG world when she married auto racer Dario Franchitti.




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29. Veronica Varekova

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    This swimsuit model is known for being married to NHL player Petr Nedved.

    No, I didn't forget the second "e" in his first name...




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28. Hilary Duff

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    The pop singer is all grown up now, and she has become a famous WAG since her marriage to hockey player Mike Comrie.

    She's come so far from the Disney Channel...





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27. Noemie Lenoir

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    The swimsuit model is famous for being married to soccer player Claude Makélélé. That's quite a mouthful.





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26. Gena Lee Nolin

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    The former Baywatch beauty became a famous WAG when she married hockey player Cale Hulse.

    She can run down my beach any time.




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25. Noreen DeWulf

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    The actress is famous for dating NHL goalie Ryan Miller.

    This seems to be one of the more functional couples on the list, so that's why she's a famous WAG.

24. Ilary Blasi

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    This Italian model/actress is known for marrying Italian soccer star Francesco Totti.

    That's amore.



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23. Carrie Underwood

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    The American Idol WAG was linked to Tony Romo before marrying longtime Ottawa Senators center Mike Fisher in 2010.

    In a convenient twist of fate, Fisher was recently traded to Nashville, where Underwood works and has a home.

    No word on whether any tires were slashed in the Ottawa front office parking lot prior to the trade.




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22. Kate Hudson

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    Kate Hudson became famous in New York for bringing A-Rod out of his postseason slump, which helped the Yankees return to glory by winning the 2009 World Series.

    It seemed as if A-Rod couldn't get a hit without the camera panning to Hudson cheering in the stands.

    A-Rod has since moved on to Cameron Diaz, but there will always be a special place in the hearts of New Yorkers for the Almost Famous star.




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21. Bianca Kajlich

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    Landon Donovan is arguably today's most popular American soccer player. His ex-wife, Bianca Kajlich, was famous for being his WAG.




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20. Michelle Marsh

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    Marsh is a British model who became a WAG when she started dating soccer player Will Haining.

    I'm sure she was a handful for him to deal with. Maybe two.





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19. Minka Kelly

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    The Friday Night Lights actress is known for being the WAG who finally tamed Derek Jeter.

    Jeter has been linked to an immeasurable amount of hot, young actresses, so it must have taken something special to settle him down.

    They're currently engaged, but we're not buying it until Jeter says "I do."

18. Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett

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    Kendra, a former Playboy model, first gained fame for dating Hugh Hefner and starring in the reality show, Girls Next Door.

    She officially became a WAG when she started dating and later married former Eagles and Colts wide receiver Hank Baskett.

17. Paris Hilton

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    One of the many conquests of Cristiano Ronaldo, Paris Hilton entered the WAG world in 2009. There's certainly no lack of experience between these two.



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16. Cheryl Tweedy

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    This WAG pretty much defines the term. She's a pop singer who's known for being married to Chelsea soccer player Ashley Cole.




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15. Danielle Lloyd

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    The former Miss England is now one of the most famous WAGs in the world, engaged to soccer player Jamie O'Hara.

    I don't think her jersey fits properly.




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14. Brooklyn Decker

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    Another SI swimsuit model who nabbed an athlete, Brooklyn Decker married tennis star Andy Roddick in April 2009.

    Since then, Decker has tried to make the leap into acting by starring in films such as Just Go With It.

    I'm guessing she'll stick with modeling.



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13. Adriana Lima

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    Adriana Lima is a famous WAG, but probably not for the reason that she'd like. She's famous for being married to one of the weirdest-looking, least productive athletes of all time, Marko Jaric.

    The hotness to athletic prowess ratio should never be more than 3-to-1, and we're looking at a figure closer to about 1,000-to-1 one with this couple.

    Just a shame.

12. Ingrid Vandebosch

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    Vandebosch became a NASCAR WAG when she married Jeff Gordon.

    She's been doing laps around our minds ever since.




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11. Anna Kournikova

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    Sure, she's known more for dating singer Enrique Iglesias, but let's not forget that Kournikova was a WAG before that even happened.

    She was rumored to have married hockey player Sergei Fedorov in 2001.

    Oh yeah, and I think she played tennis for a while...





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10. Elisha Cuthbert

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    The famous Canadian WAG has a thing for hockey players, and she's dated plenty of them.

    She's been linked to Sean Avery, who was suspended for calling her "sloppy seconds" when she started dating her next hockey player.

    She's currently dating Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf.

9. Gisele Bundchen

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    When Tom Brady started dating Gisele Bundchen, every man in America had the same thought: Come on, man, is there anything you don't have?

    After the bitterness wore off, we got used to seeing the two of them out and about.

    We've seen a little too much of Tom Brady and his ponytail recently, if you ask me.

8. Gemma Atkinson

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    Gemma is famous for dating several soccer players, but her most famous relationship was with Portuguese playboy Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Things were going well until he cheated on her with two prostitutes...but who hasn't done that?





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7. Anna Benson

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    Who was Anna Benson married to again? Oh yeah, some guy named Kris Benson. I think he was a pitcher.

    Anna Benson is famous for telling Howard Stern that if Kris ever cheated on her, she would seek revenge by sleeping with all of his teammates.

    You stay classy, Anna. I wonder why they divorced in 2006.




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6. Eva Longoria

95 of 100

    She's not Eva Longoria-Parker anymore, but she'll always be remembered in the sports world for cheering on her French husband Tony Parker.

    It's going to be hard watching Spurs playoff games without Eva in the stands, but we'll try to deal.

5. Abigail Clancy

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    This model became a WAG when she started dating English soccer star Peter Crouch.

    Crouch is one of the tallest players in soccer history, so maybe that gave him an advantage on and off the field.



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4. Irina Shayk

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    An internationally famous WAG, Irina Shayk is trying to be the one who settles down Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Some reports say that the SI cover model is preggers, so that could help her chances.

    Although, Ronaldo already has a child from a "mystery mother," and you don't hear much about her.

3. Kim Kardashian

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    Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous women in the country. Why? We're not really sure.

    One way that she stays in the headlines is by dating athletes.

    She had a highly publicized relationship with Reggie Bush before moving on to her current boyfriend, New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries.

2. Alyssa Milano

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    Although she's currently married to a non-athlete, Alyssa Milano's WAG status is definitely secure.

    A baseball groupie, Milano is best known for dating pitchers Barry Zito, Carl Pavano and Brad Penny.

1. Victoria Beckham

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    For a while, there was no athlete more famous than David Beckham. And that means there was no WAG more famous than Victoria Beckham.

    Who would have thought she could eclipse the level of fame she achieved with the Spice Girls?



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