Creature Vs. Creature: The Undistputed Winner Is......

Jacob Waring@@Jacobin_WisdomAnalyst IIIMarch 31, 2011

This Creature Vs. Creature was epic as it was an all out brawl with some of the toughest writers in the wrestling section. Every one who participated wrote some amazing articles that did justice to the event that the world knows as Wrestlemania! The articles electrify the very pores on our bodies and energized our minds as it drifted towards memory lane where we looked back fondly on the memories of past Manias!

Regardless of who won or how many votes each writer received I can say with certainty that everyone is a winner as they captured our hearts and the spirit of Wrestlemania. I want to personally thank Kevin Stonebarger, Rize, Chris Freeman, Chinmay, Hamster Fan, Muzzy Daud, Ian Malone and Dan Power for making this Creature Vs. Creature one of the best to ever and I mean EEEEVVVVVVVEEEER grace the Bleacher Report.

Now without further ado it's time to announce the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of this competition!

The champion of this  Creature Vs. Creature is.......


Rize received 29 of the votes as his article on Wrestlemania was phenomenal due as he was able to bring back fond memories while sticking to his main points and he did that without taking the easy way out by relying on his Mania to win because of popular choice as he truly poured his soul into it and meant every word.

The second place winner is......

Dan Power!

Mr. Power earned second place by earning 18 of the votes as he wrote a brilliant piece on Wrestlemania 4 where it felt like the event took place yesterday. He portrayed it as like it was the stuff of legends where the immortals of the ring go to battle it like never before.

The third place winner is....


Chinmay earned 13 votes for his stunning article on Wrestlemania 21 which he painted a canvas of words for the Mania that gave birth to the Cena that we know of today. This article was classic Chinmay as he pulled all the stops to be the ultimate persuader.  He certainly made Wrestlemania 21 stand among the thee ranks of the greatest Manias!

Over 70 votes votes have been tallied and I have to thank the wonderful readers who voted for all the talented writers and for taking the time to read each of their pieces!