Ohio State: 2008 National Champions

RyanCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2008

If you thought the Buckeyes football program was finished after the BCS Championship Game, think again.  All the pieces are there for the Buckeyes to return for the third time to the "Big Game."

I know everyone is tired of seeing the Bucks at the top, but we really have nothing to apologize for. 

Is it really Ohio State's fault that a 41-point underdog went into the Coliseum and beat the Greatest College Football Team ever? 

Is it our fault that UGA was throttled by the Volunteers? 

I think not.

Amidst all the whining and crying that everyone did at the end of the season, I feel deep down the best team in the Nation won and no team was going to change that, not even USC. I do know this:  The more people trash talk OSU and view us as sub par to the elite teams, the more the Buckeye team and fans will love proving you wrong next season.

The Buckeyes will be back in 2008 stronger than ever and the Big Ten better be prepared. Most of the team will be returning as well as some dynamic new young players and an offensive line that will be dominant for years to come. With the return of Malcolm Jenkins, Marcus Freeman, Alex Boone, Brian Robiskie, and possibly Laurinaitis, OSU will be a force to be reckoned with.

I want to personally congratulate LSU on their Championship, and by the way, you have great fans. What a class act Glenn Dorsey is returning to lead his team to a Championship.

I also want to thank LSU and Florida because in playing them, we have learned what it takes to play with a swagger, and yes Big 10 fans; we learned some things from the SEC. We have become a better team thanks to those games.

With all of our juniors doing what Dorsey did by staying for the love of their team and university, we will get the chance to do something very special and rare next year by returning to a third National Championship.

Write this date down in your calendar and remember it, September 13, 2008.  This is when we will see the Buckeyes ready to regain the respect of the nation. 

On this date, we travel to the Coliseum and play against the team all the analysts and writers feel is an NFL team (I think because of their payroll, thanks Reggie Bush) trapped in a college world. If you think Ohio State is a joke or that we just don't have what it takes to play with the elite teams, then I suggest you watch the 2008 season very closely.

A message to all you fair weather Buckeyes who were calling for change in Columbus:   Go to Athens, Georgia and ask them if they would trade places with you.  Or, take a trip to any other University and ask if they would like to have played in 3 National Championships in 6 years. I am sure you would hear a resounding "YES!!" from any college football fan. 

Congratulations once again to LSU, but be forewarned.  We here in Columbus are ready for 2008 and our third run at the National Championship. Don't take the Buckeyes lightly or doubt our talent, it might just sneak up and crush you. If you want to read more on the Buckeyes or just want to leave angry SEC 0-9 comments go to blog.buckeyetopia.com it's my area to rant and rave!!