Bad Fit: WWE Releases Irish Wrestling Icon David "Fit" Finlay Jr.

Stephen LyonContributor IIIMarch 30, 2011

David "Fit" Finlay
David "Fit" Finlay is reporting that Dave Finlay, former WWE wrestler and current producer and agent, was fired by World Wrestling Entertainment.

According to the article by Aaron Glazer, it was because of a booking decision that the Belfast Brawler made, that the big E decided to give the master of the shillelagh the axe.

According to the report, it seems that a decision was made to have current WWE Champion The Miz enter the arena and interrupt the singing of the national anthem, in order to draw heat at a house show in Champaign, Ill.

Apparently though, there were a high number of National Guardsmen in attendance (The National Guard, and all of the U.S. military, have been very supportive of WWE and have acknowledged their work to provide free tickets to soldiers, as well as their annual "Tribute to the Troops" show), that proved to be very angry about the showing of disrespect.

The story being spread is that this made its way up to WWE management, who had Finlay "fall on the sword," because he had such a high level of authority over the production of shows.

It looks like there was quite a bit of shock over the decision, as Dave was quite popular and well regarded in the back, as well as being considered by many to be the top backstage producer in the company, over even Arn Anderson.

Finlay had been with the company since 2001, working as a wrestler for a long time, until retiring in 2011 to allow for new, younger talent to build momentum on TV and within the company. Many are hoping that the company brings him back down the line.

All information was received from the original Inside Pulse article, which can be read at the link immediately below:

"Dave Finlay Released by WWE"


Stephen's Thoughts: I can understand the reasoning of the WWE behind this, as it was probably both and unwise and distasteful move to be done, especially in front of U.S. soldiers.

This being said, WWE keeps showing that they will pander to political correctness and criticism from organizations outside WWE (see WWE's forcing Michael Cole to go to GLAAD training, after criticism from GLAAD, as well as the criticism for John Cena's using of a term which supposedly infers a homosexual behavior).

They don't seem to care for criticism from the fans, but only from the politically significant sponsors and groups. There could be many reasons for this; maybe it affects advertising values, maybe bad publicity disenfranchises fans, maybe its because Linda McMahon is planning another political run for a government office.

WWE is within its rights to fire Finlay over the situation, but it would be nice to see some loyalty from the company to an employee who has maintained loyalty to the company, and a heart for growing the product, and grooming the youth in the wrestling world.

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