Sidney Crosby Cleared To Practice with Pittsburgh Penguins

Justin WeltonAnalyst IIMarch 30, 2011

Sidney Crosby
Sidney CrosbyBruce Bennett/Getty Images

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Sidney Crosby has been cleared to skate with his teammates. Some reports are saying that the contact part isn't there quite yet, but this is encouraging news for Penguins fans, and hockey fans in general.

The Penguins haven't been able to put many pucks in the net since Crosby went out in early January. The power play is clicking at around 16 percent. They have scored four goals in four games, but are still 3-1 in those games.

If Crosby returns and is 100 percent, this opens the doors for a Stanley Cup appearance. Not only would the Penguins get a goal scorer, an assists guy and a leader, but also a great faceoff man, which is crucial in the playoffs. They need a player who can be dynamic in the postseason, and he is their only option at this point because Evgeni Malkin is out for the season. If he comes back and plays well and Marc-Andre Fleury plays outstanding, the Penguins could be raising the cup.

Of course, the Penguins and Crosby are taking this slowly, but the doctors have cleared him to practice. It is a very dangerous thought of him being hit, but if he is cleared to play this is his job. It won't really matter too much if he gets concussed in April or October, so this would be the correct move.

This doesn't mean that Crosby is for sure coming back, but is still a huge step to recovery. As hockey fans, let's hope he doesn't have a setback. Let's hope that he is back in full form for the greatest postseason in sports: the NHL Playoffs.