N.L. Central Playoff Reaction

Aaron OsowskiContributor IOctober 3, 2008

Entering October, we stop thinking about what a team has done in the regular season and begin to reflect on their past postseason accomplishments (good or bad). A team's record is irrelevant when talking about the playoffs.

Case in point: As we now sit, the Cubs are down 0-2 to the somewhat surprising Dodgers. A team whose most explosive element was offense (backed up by superb pitching) has been outscored 17-5.

Instead of a grand slam by Aramis Ramirez, we saw a GS by James Loney. With four errors in a game, it seems the "curse" is still alive and well. As a Brewers fan, I'll have to admit I like seeing the Cubs flounder again in the postseason.

However, Milwaukee has been less than impressive while digging themselves into an 0-2 hole as well. We know Phillies pitching is going to be top-notch, especially when Hamels is pitching, but losing a game that CC started is like digging your own grave.

Postseason nerves seemed to be with the Brewers as well, with a few errors committed on the part of Bill Hall and Rickie Weeks.

It seems as though neither the Cubs nor the Brewers will make it to the World Series, but as long as one team doesn't make it, it's consolation for the other team's fans. Until next year, my friends.