Fantasy team busted already? Here are some mid-season fantasy football options

Dan LobringContributor IOctober 3, 2008

With the first quarter of the fantasy season in the books it's time to look back and reflect.  Hopefully you're sitting somewhere near a winning record or at 500 in your league. But then there are those who, like the Cubs, are already looking at next year. 

Step back from the ledge my friends.  Did use your number one pick on Tom Brady? Don't worry. Did you trade LT for Kevin Smith in a fit of fantasy induced panic?  Be happy.

Here are just a couple of fantasy games that are for the fantasy league busters out there.

Da Coach's Salary Cap Challenge

This mid-season salary cap game starts October 12.  Registration is only $10, and you're given $1,000 in play money to use on variously-priced players. Set your lineup each week for a chance at $3,500 in cash plus dinner for two at Ditka's, and a meet-and-greet with Iron Mike. - Weekly Game is a non-draft game where you can start whoever you want each week, but you're limited to two starts per player. Best of all? You have a shot at $10,000 every week for the player with most points per week.  Pretty sweet.

So there you have it.  I for one and still holding on hope in both my Yahoo! leagues, but then again, I also thought this was the Lions year.  At least they fired Millen right? At least I have fantasy football to keep me interested for the rest of the year too.