The Best Heel In The WWE Today

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The Best Heel In The WWE Today

A lot of you may agree or disagree when I say this, but the best heel in the WWE today is Vicky Guerrero! This woman can really bring heat in the biggest way possible! She can't even pull off a promo without the fans screaming at her face. The WWE invested in her, and I have to say money well spent because they've found a heel you can really love to hate.

I can't wait when Smackdown comes here in Vegas in the next couple of weeks, so I can experience first hand how hated this person really is. I can only imagine that the Thomas and Mack arena will explode with "boos" when she shows up.

I would probably cheer for her since i'm the kind of person who would cheer for my favorite characters, and only boo the ones I dislike whether it be a heel or face. Kudos to the WWE for creating one of the best heels of all time.


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