"Punch-Out" For The Wii....FINALLY!

Brian IgnacioContributor IOctober 3, 2008

The Wii has just unveiled Punch-out this yesterday. I've been waiting for this game to surface the next gen systems for a long time. I need my fix of Punch-Out since I was very disappointed with the recently released "Facebreakers".

From the trailer I saw, the characters that were introduced were all from the original Punch-Out game, now whether this coming Punch-out is just a straight up remake of the original or not we will just have to see, but I wouldn't mind, seeing that the original had plenty of memorable characters. Although I hope that they put in plenty of new characters in the game, and beef up the circuit mode.

Strategy in beating the boxers should still be there, as well as those secret one punch knockdowns. Since it's not called " Mike Tyson's Punch-Out," we probably won't be seeing him in the game, but who cares!