WWE WrestleMania 27: Why Jerry Lawler Will Top Michael Cole

Jeff Langridge@@JeffLangridge1Correspondent IIIMarch 30, 2011

WWE WrestleMania 27: Why Jerry Lawler Will Top Michael Cole

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    Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole has become one of the most talked-about matches leading into WrestleMania 27.

    Some people believe that Cole will beat Lawler to shock the audience, but there is just not much logic in that way of thought. There are so many more reasons why Lawler will win.

    While I could go on longer, I'll limit the list of reasons to 10.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    Seriously, whenever Austin has been the special guest referee, he has pretty much chosen the winner.

    When he poured beer over Cole's face a couple of weeks ago on Raw, he basically proved what most of us thought. Lawler is winning.

Michael Cole's Training

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    While Michael Cole has had a little in-ring training, it mostly involves Cole learning how to take bumps.

    Translation: Cole has been learning how to get his butt kicked.

Lawler's Experience

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    Lawler began his career in 1970 and has slightly more experience than his counterpart. Over his career, Lawler has held a championship 164 times, 32 of which were heavyweight titles.

    It is a sad fact that WWE never mentions this.

    I hate to use the "experience wins" excuse, but in this case, I think Lawler's experience will lead to a victory over Cole.

Lawler's Family Being Involved

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    In order to get into Lawler's head, Cole has commented on the passing of Lawler's mother and even brought back his son, Brian Christopher.

    He should really look into the history of WWE. Whenever you bring someone's friends or family into a feud, you are going to lose the upcoming match.

    Just ask Randy Orton or, if he were still alive today, the late Eddie Guerrero.

Jim Ross

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    Even if he's not doing commentary for WrestleMania, I have a feeling that Ross will get involved, even if it's just to get payback on Cole for hurting him a few weeks ago.

The No Touch Rule

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    Whenever there is rule that prohibits the competitors touching each other prior to a match, there is always one guy that throws it in the other's face.

    There are plenty of examples of this over the course of WWE history, but for some reason I can only think of the John Cena-JBL match at WrestleMania 21 and the Triple H-Randy Orton match at WrestleMania 25.

    Well, this time it's Cole being proud of the fact that he can't be touched, and somehow, he has been able to be part of beatdowns on Lawler. That gives Lawler even more reason to win.

The Cole Mine

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    Ever since the "Cole Mine" was introduced, Cole has been using it as a place to hide from Lawler. Does it have any use past WrestleMania? I don't think so.

    Daniel Pena of Rajah.com said this: "The reason the 'Cole Mine' was constructed is because Michael Cole will resume his role as a mere commentator following WrestleMania XXVII, and Creative wants to keep him and Jerry Lawler apart."

    If he's going back to being a commentator, that would suggest Lawler will come out on top.

Heel Commentators Never Have Success in the Ring

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    If you ever watched Booby "The Brain" Heenan stumbling around the ring in the weasel costume, you can see that heels don't do well in the ring.

    You could even use Vince McMahon as an example, seeing that he started his career as a commentator.

    Will Michael Cole add his name to the list of commentators who have been humiliated when they get in the ring?


Jack Swagger Will Have No Impact at All

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    There is only one reason Jack Swagger is involved in this match, and it's not to help Cole win.

    He might try to get in the ring, he might even get one offensive move in on Lawler, but all he's there for is to be Stunner fodder for Austin.

    Plus, it will most likely happen before the match even starts.

Jerry Lawler Finally Gets His WrestleMania Moment

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    This match wasn't made to get more heat on Michael Cole, this match was made to finally give Jerry "The King" Lawler what he has deserved for a long time: his WrestleMania moment.

    Lawler should be able to get all his old moves, and I mean, I want to see him hit the old piledriver, although that's probably wishful thinking.

    It wouldn't offend me if Lawler started this match the same way he started his infamous match with Andy Kaufman.

    I would love to see, after he wins, Lawler, Austin and Ross in the ring, hands raised, followed by the inevitable beer bash.