Utah vs. Oregon State - Rules for BYU Fans

The Brothers LynnCorrespondent IOctober 2, 2008

In all of my reading of CougarBoard, the best BYU/Yewt post I’ve ever read has to be the following rules posted by IndyCoug.

1. No BYU fan should ever root for Utah. Period. There are 7 other conference members BYU fans can root for if they are truly concerned about SOS or the national profile of the MWC. It’s mathematically impossible for all 9 teams to be great each year, so there’s no shame, nay, it is even commendable to root for Utah to reside in that mathematically necessitated cellar-dweller position.

2. If BYU needs Utah to win a game in order for BYU to secure a conference title, BYU fans should not root for Utah, but merely against the team they are playing. Keep Utah out of the equation as much as possible.

3. BYU fans should not discuss the upcoming Utah football game more than their own upcoming football game (like this week on Cougarboard). Utah shouldn’t be a main topic of conversation. It should primarily reside in a dark, unspoken realm of disdain.

4. The only time Utah should emerge from a BYU fan’s dark, unspoken realm of disdain is when Utah loses. Only then is it permissible to briefly discuss the Ute’s sucking and discuss the manifold benefits of schadenfreude. Afterwards, the conversation about the Utes should be backburnered until their next loss.

5. Any time a Utah football player is particularly good (Alexis Smith, Widdle Weddle), no BYU fan should feel compelled or obligated to admit such, give credit to or show unabashed admiration towards. If you can’t say something bad about them, then say nothing at all. Please refer to points #3 and #4 if you’re confused about this.

If you have a problem with the above points, then maybe you need to take up a different team as your favorite collegiate team and dispense with the charade of claiming you’re a BYU fan.

I’m sure that many will be feeling the twisted emotion tonight when the Yewts face Oregon State. I believe tonight’s game fits with IndyCoug’s rule #2 above. We can certainly root against Oregon State.