Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and John Cena Face Off at WWE Raw

Randy ReedContributor IIMarch 29, 2011

Nothing wrong with being wholesome.
Nothing wrong with being wholesome.J. Meric/Getty Images

What an awesome faceoff between Rock and Cena from Raw.  I knew that The Rock would electrify but was a bit concerned that Cena would lack in the battle of words. 

What was enjoyable about the promo was that Cena finally stood up to The Rock, and in doing so exposed him as the foolish bully he has been these past few weeks.

Cena pointed out to The Rock that he appeals to kids, and that he is not ashamed of doing so.  The Barney purple t-shirt look and soft mannered, toned-down language Cena uses is not meant for the older male audience but for younger kids.  He has taken on the responsibility of being a positive role model, even at the expense of coming across as wholesome and cheesy.

Cena correctly told The Rock that he attacked his moral code: hustle, loyalty, respect.  It is hypocritical of The Rock to attack Cena’s code, which can be argued based on his own words and actions, as being consistent with The Rock’s values.

For example, just tonight, Rock spoke of what “Team Bring It” is about.  He said it is an attitude to kick down doors and to do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams, which definitely implies a hustle, can-do kind of attitude. 

What about The Rock’s statements when he first returned in February?  Remember how he spoke of how much he missed the WWE fans and how he would never leave again?  Sounds a bit like loyalty and respect to me.

The message that came out of the battle of words tonight was to not be afraid of being yourself and standing up for what is right, even in the face of adversity.  Well tonight, John Cena stood up to adversity and verbally smacked the bully in the mouth.

A few minutes later, we even got a physical altercation between Miz and Rock.  Though The Rock physically got the better of the Miz, Miz verbally smacked him around a bit and was able to bring heat back to himself.  In the end, John Cena physically got the better of The Rock, bringing him back down to earth so to speak.

The WWE creative team got it right tonight in the battle of words between Cena and Rock.  First, Cena and Miz’s verbal performances showed that no one man is verbally or physically superior (like some on the internet seem to think in regards to The Rock) to everybody else and put Rock in his place. 

Second, the physical altercation between Rock and Cena definitely justifies chatter about a future meeting between the two, which will keep interest high. 

Third, it showed WWE’s loyalty to the chosen direction for the brand and its performers.  With so much chatter about how The Rock is so much better than everyone on the roster and how the attitude era was so much better, the creative team could have easily succumbed to the temptation to book Rock strongly without any regard to Cena and what he stands for or for the millions of kids that believe in him.  They could have chosen to do this, but they did not and I applaud them for it.


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