WWE and WCW: What If the Story of Professional Wrestling Was Re-Written?

tiffanie jonesContributor IIIMarch 29, 2011

WWE and WCW: What If the Story of Professional Wrestling Was Re-Written?

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    A number of incidents, storylines and characters have impacted pro wrestling.  Though it’s an exercise in futility, sometimes it’s fun to wonder what if things had been differently. What if wrestling history was re-written? Looking at 16 incidents, moments, and characters from the 1990s through the 2000s, this list asks a simple question: What if… 

The Undertaker

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    What if Mark Calaway accepted the first gimmick he was offered – a character who hatched an egg? Would he have gotten to legendary status still? Could another have gotten far with The Undertaker gimmick? Would there be a Wrestlemania streak?

Shawn Michaels

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    What if HBK remained in a tag team? Would we see the quality of matches that we’ve seen from him in another person? Would there be another Mr. Wrestlemania? What if Marty Jannetty became the break-out star instead of Michaels?

Monday Night War

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    What if there were no Monday Night Wars? Would wrestling be near as popular?


Scott Hall and Kevin Nash Departure

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    What if Scott Hall and Kevin Nash never departed from WWE? Would WCW have still formed the NWO? If they stayed in the WWE, would they have been apart of DX?

King of the Ring 1996

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    What if Austin never wrestled Jake the Snake Roberts? What if his opponent at KOTR 96 was someone with no religious background? What if Triple H never took the punishment for The Cliques’ actions at Madison Square Garden? Would Austin have still gotten big?

Wrestlemania 13 Double-Turn

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    What if Austin never wrestled Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 13? What if HBK gave Bret Hart a rematch instead? Would we have ever seen Austin challenge Bret? If so, would there have been a double turn at that event?

Attitude Era

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    What if Shawn Michaels didn’t create the Attitude Era? Would someone else have created it? Would WWE still be in existence?

Montreal Screwjob

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    What if the Montreal Screwjob had never happened? What if it was Shawn Michaels who got “screwed” instead of Bret?  Would there have been an Austin vs. Michaels at WM 14?

Bret's Departure

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    What if Bret never left the WWE? Could Bret's traditionalism have survived the Attitude Era?  If so, how would he have fared?  Would he ever have encountered Goldberg?

Shawn Michaels' First Departure

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    What if Shawn didn’t retire in 1998? Would Austin have gotten so big? Would The Rock have gotten so big? Would Triple H have gotten so big? Would there have been a Rock vs. HBK match?

Austin Vs. McMahon

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    What if McMahon remained an announcer? What if Austin never feuded with McMahon? Would the popularity of wrestling during that time still surged?

The Rock's Departure

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    What if The Rock never left the WWE? Would John Cena have so gotten so big? Would there be a PG rating?


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    What if WCW never went out of business? What would be of the industry today? Would the WWE product be much better due to competition?


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    What if there was no Wrestlemania? Would Undertaker have another streak? Would we have seen the quality of match that Undertaker and Shawn (2009 & 2010) put on at another P-P-V?

Professional Wrestling

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    What if there was no Hulk Hogan, Rock, Austin, HBK, Bret Hart, Kurt Angle or Undertaker? What would wrestling look like today?

    What do you think about if the story of wrestling was re-written? Are there other storylines that you can think of which might have drastically altered the landscape of professional wrestling had they been re-written?