WWE: Captain Charisma's Long Awaited Push May Have Finally Arrived

Kevin StonebargerCorrespondent IIMarch 28, 2011

For so long, the IWC has been clamoring for the main-event push of none other than Captain Charisma, Christian—and for good reason, as Christian has proven time and time again he can be a main event.

From being a part of one of the greatest tag teams ever with Edge, to making TLC famous, to winning almost every mid-card title of his era, to becoming Captain Charisma that has captured our imaginations, Christian can do it.

But sadly, it has not happened.

Christian left WWE in 2005, probably frustrated with his lack of push after so much he's done for WWE. He then signed with TNA, where he became NWA World Heavyweight champion. It was huge, but still, it was nothing compared to WWE's World Titles. After several years with the company, Christian left in late 2008.

He then returned to the WWE in 2009 on the now-defunct ECW brand. Rumors originally stated that he would be the man who was responsible for the attacks on Jeff Hardy, but it turned out to be Matt instead. Christian would go on to have some nice success in ECW, becoming a two-time ECW Champion and the longest-reigning ECW Champion in WWE history.

Still, for us peeps, it still felt like a slap in the face for all that Christian's done.

He was then moved to Raw, where he didn't amount to much. Then, on the WWE Draft, he was drafted to SmackDown. The IWC thought Christian would finally shine and maybe get his push on the blue brand. Instead, he was stuck in short mid-card feuds and seemed directionless.

This angered the majority of the IWC, who really felt Christian deserved the big push. There has been much speculation as to why this hasn't happened, including the idea that Vince hates Christian for leaving for TNA and is punishing him for such an act.

But lo and behold, our patience may be finally rewarded, for the push seems closer than ever before.

Christian was injured with a torn pectoral during a feud with Del Rio, and so they had Del Rio take credit for injuring Christian. But that was the blessing in disguise, for Captain Charisma returned to gain revenge on Del Rio at Elimination Chamber, and what made it seem like hope was that Del Rio won the Royal Rumble.

There was then speculation that it may be a triple threat for the World Title at Wrestlemania between Edge, Del Rio and Christian, but there was also the leaked Wrestlemania card that had Christian in a tag match against the Corre, which is stupid if you ask me.

But the last two weeks have shown hope for Christian. He fought against Del Rio on the last two editions of SmackDown—one in a steel cage, the other in a normal match. Now logical and obvious booking would have Del Rio go over both times against Christian, but we were all in for a surprise.

Christian prevailed both times against the No. 1 contender, both times with clean wins. I'm sure most of us were left in shock that such a thing happened, but these wins have made Christian look more like a main event than ever before.

I really don't believe Christian will be in the Corre match. He's too immersed with Edge/Del Rio, and WWE missed their chance to put Christian in the Corre match. Putting him in that match now would make absolutely no sense. 

My opinion is Kevin Nash will take Christian's place in the match. Makes perfect sense to me.

These wins over Del Rio have propelled Christian and have put himself closer to the main event than he has, both before and perhaps after. Tonight, at the SmackDown taping, Christian will once again face Del Rio, this time in Falls Count Anywhere.

Once again, common logic and obvious booking would have Del Rio win so he can have some momentum going into Wrestlemania, but don't count out Captain Charisma. A win or loss will decide the fate of Christian and his WWE future.

I don't know if Christian will be added to the World Title match, although I would like him to. But even if he isn't, he has put himself on another level as of now, and he just needs one more big push to finally reach the main event. Only time will tell if this happens.