TNA: Big Returns and Debuts So Far in 2011

Charlie GSenior Writer IApril 1, 2011

TNA: Big Returns and Debuts So Far in 2011

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    I've been watching TNA for a long time now, ever since it first started really. I've noticed a lot of returns and debuts recently, especially in 2011.

    As a TNA fan since the organization first started, I've never seen so many returns and/or debuts within such a short time period.

    I am going to try to list all of them in this slideshow. 

Debut: Crimson

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    Any TNA fan can tell you about the "Double J, Double M A" challenges.

    If you don't know I'll tell you.

    Jeff Jarrett picked up a gimmick as an experienced MMA fighter. He had his own crew and "dojo." He challenged a ton of random people to an MMA Challenge. You win, you win $25,000 in cash. You lose, Double J is much more cocky.

    Well, one week Jarrett called out Amazing Red to accept the challenge. Red accepted and Jarrett beat him within seconds. Jarrett, hungry for competition, asked Red if he had relatives. Red replied yes and agreed to bring his little brother the following week.

    Enter Crimson. Standing six foot six, 252 pounds. This was Red's little brother?!

    He dominated Jarrett in the MMA Challenge and Jarrett fled from the fight. 

Return: ODB

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    ODB returned to TNA on the February 24 edition of iMPACT!

    ODB accepted Madison Rayne's open challenge in a losing effort, but it was good to see the former Knockout Champion again.

    Since then, ODB hasn't been seen on iMPACT!

Debut: Matt Hardy

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    Matt Hardy made his TNA debut at Genesis 2011 as RVD's mystery opponent. Hardy defeated RVD in his debut match.

    Hardy has since been a member of Hogan and Bischoff's faction, Immortal.

    Matt will likely be competing in his first ever Lethal Lockdown match on April 17 on pay-per-view!

Return: Roxxi

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    Roxxi made her third return to TNA on the March 3rd edition of iMPACT!

    Like ODB, she accepted Madison Rayne's open challenge in a losing effort, but it was good to see her again.

    I believe both, ODB and Roxxi, did it as a one night only type thing. 

Debut: Angelina from Jersey Shore

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    That's right.

    Angelina from MTV series Jersey Shore. 

    Angelina made her debut in TNA and actually won a match. She competed in a six knockout tag team match alongside Sarita and Cookie and they defeated Velvet Sky, Angelina Love and Winter.

    Rumor has it that she signed a contract with TNA. Another rumor says she is pregnant with twins. 

Return: Scott Steiner

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    TNA had plans for a group to counteract Immortal.

    The original plan was to have a Main Event Mafia reunion to fight off Hogan and Bischoff. The plans were foiled when former MEM members, Booker T and Kevin Nash, appeared in a WWE ring during the 2011 Royal Rumble match.

    However, former MEM member, Scott Steiner showed up on iMPACT! (January 27) to save Kurt Angle, Crimson and Matt Morgan from Immortal and Fortune. Steiner has stayed ever since.

Return: Alissa Flash

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    Flash made her return to TNA on March 14th. She also accepted Madison Rayne's open challenge in a losing effort.

    Flash was attacked on the entrance ramp, dragged to the ring and quickly defeated.

    It was a one night stint for Flash.

Debut: Rosita

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    Rosita made her TNA debut on the February 10th edition of iMPACT in an eight knockout tag team match. She was billed as Sarita's cousin.

    Rosita, Sarita, Tara and Madison Rayne defeated The Beautiful People, Winter and Mickie James after Rosita pinned Velvet after hitting a moonsault.

    Since debuting, Rosita won the Knockout Tag Team Championships with partner, Sarita. Both are a member of the Mexican America stable.

Debut: Anarquia

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    Anarquia made his TNA debut at Victory Road 2011. He was a planted fan and ran into the ring, only to be pulled out by security.

    Hernandez let him in on his Mexican America stable and Anarquia is an official member of the TNA roster now.

    He sort of looks like a buff Chavo Guerrero with tattoos, right?

Return: Hernandez

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    Hernandez returned to TNA after a year long absence. He returned on the February 10th edition of iMPACT as an ally to Immortal.

    He reignited his feud with former tag team partner and champion, Matt Morgan and has started a new stable in TNA, Mexican America.

Return: Traci Brooks

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    Traci made her TNA return on the February 17 edition of iMPACT. She returned and helped save her real life husband Kazarian from getting beatdown by Robbie E and Cookie.

    TNA used it as a one night return, but it was still good to see the former Playboy model.

Return: Abyss

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    Abyss was attacked by Crimson, who stabbed Abyss with Janice, on the January 20th edition of iMPACT. Abyss made a return on March 24, attacking members of Fortune.

    Abyss is a former TV Champion, he never defended the belt due to injury, and is now expected to compete alongside Matt Hardy, Bully Ray and Ric Flair in this year's Lethal Lockdown at Lockdown on April 17th on pay-per-view!

Return: Sting

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    Sting definitely made the biggest impact in his return.

    Sting returned on the March 3rd edition of iMPACT as a surprise challenger to Jeff Hardy's TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Sting won the belt, defended it at Victory Road then debuted a new World Heavyweight Championship belt on the March 16th edition of iMPACT!

    Since his return Sting has kept his belt and is going into Lockdown as champion to compete against Mr. Anderson and RVD in a three-way match.

Return: British Invasion

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    The British Invasion returned on the March 31st edition of iMPACT!

    Eric Young told Taz and Tenay about a four-way tag team match at Lockdown. Problem was, EY only knew three of the teams.

    Crimson and Steiner vs. Eric Young and Orlando Jordan vs. Ink Inc vs. Mystery Team.

    That team was revealed to be Magnus and Williams who attacked Young and Jordan from behind.

    I expect them to win at Lockdown and become No.1 contenders for Beer Money's Tag Team Championships.

Return: Daniels

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    Daniels is finally back in TNA!

    He returned at the March 31, 2011 edition of iMPACT!

    Fortune, RVD and Sting were being beat down by Immortal in a cage and Daniels made a huge save. In a Leap of Faith from the steel cage, Daniels took out Abyss, Bully Ray and Matt Hardy.

    Will Daniels be in the Lethal Lockdown match with Immortal?

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