Ring Requests: 5 Things That Need Happen at WrestleMania 27

Sam AliContributor IIIMarch 28, 2011

Ring Requests: 5 Things That Need Happen at WrestleMania 27

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    There are many articles on Bleacher Report that talk about predictions for WrestleMania 27. Let's face it. Wrestling has become very predictable for the last couple of months. We as fans get baited into juicy storylines that end up crashing and burning (i.e. debut of Nexus). We have been disappointed time and time again. And the patience of the hardcore WWE fanbase is running out.

    I feel like WrestleMania 27 will be the PPV that will define the PG Era. Vince McMahon has a chance to keep PG going and still have interesting storylines. It is basically a make-or-break event for many of the characters.

    I will now list the top five things that need to happen in order to end a particular storyline or further the development of a storyline.

End the Cole-Lawler Fued Immediately

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    This one is simple: Have Lawler beat Cole and nothing else afterwards. Do not have them feud into a rematch at Extreme Rules. Do not have any mention of the match by either of them. That's how bad I think the match will be.

    In terms of Cole's character, I have two ideas where to go with him post-WrestleMania. Move him to Smackdown to team up with Booker T and Raw's announce team will be Lawler and Josh Mathews. However, I think a better idea would be to make him a manager so that we only have to hear his voice for one segment per show. Let him manage Jack Swagger or Alex Riley. I don't care. Just get him off the headset please!

Keep the Streak Alive

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    Triple H is the executive senior adviser to Vince McMahon. Odds are when Vince passes away, Triple H will be the top decision-maker in the company. He's already got a hand in this storyline by thrusting himself into the spotlight instead of putting someone like Wade Barrett or John Cena against the Undertaker.

    Triple H needs to lose to the Undertaker and stay in his new office at WWE Headquarters. He is way past his prime and stealing the thunder of the younger talent.

    With the Undertaker, have him get attacked by the Corre at the end of the match and reboot his feud with Wade Barrett. Taker said himself that Barrett will be a future top talent in the WWE so it only makes sense that they clash.

Push the Younger Talent

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    This year there will be no Money in the Bank match which has been used in the past to push younger talent. Now with less mid-carders to hype up, the WWE needs to be efficient with their booking, especially with two guys in particular: Sheamus and Cody Rhodes. In regards to John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler, their match is doomed and too awful to waste a slide on.

    Sheamus should continue his reign as the United States champion. Daniel Bryan is the best wrestler in the WWE but he has no mic skills whatsoever. Sheamus can build his credibility back up with a mid-card title until he proves to the fans and WWE Creative Team that he can hang with the best.

    Cody Rhodes is an interesting character in that many think he is in a "don't bite off more than you can chew" feud with Rey Mysterio. However, I think this feud has been built up enough and can now culminate with Rhodes beating Mysterio at WrestleMania. It gives Cody some credibility and gives Rey Mysterio a reason to leave WWE because frankly his underdog gimmick is getting annoying.

Fulfill Alberto Del Rio's Destiny

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    I was strongly against Del Rio's win at the Royal Rumble. But it is what it is. Now that he's in the main event, many think he is not ready to be World Heavyweight Champion. This is where I disagree.

    He has amazing mic skills and already gets the most heat from the crowd on Smackdown. His ring skills have gotten better and will only improve. But a win for Del Rio will give a reason to begin a long-awaited feud between Edge and Christian.

    By now, we all know Christian will get involved in the match and I see it being in a way that costs Edge the title. You get a fresh face in the title scene and created a highly anticipated storyline. Now that's killing two birds with one stone.

Miz Beats Cena CLEANLY

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    Let me preface this by saying I am a big fan of John Cena. But this is the most crucial thing that needs to happen. The PPV's success or failure will depend on this event. John Cena can't win this match. Whether McMahon or Cena want to admit it or not, this match is bigger than they think.

    Fans are sick of Super Cena. We are sick of him losing by disqualification. We are sick of him "defeating the odds". We need something different and I am sure 99 percent of John Cena's adult fans would not mind him losing to the Miz.

    If Miz does not beat Cena cleanly at WrestleMania, consider all the build-up of the Miz's character for the last nine months to be pointless.

Oh Yeah, I Almost Forgot...

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    When he made his epic comeback, The Rock said and I quote, "I give you my word. I am never ever going away."

    Now I don't know what he means by that but some people really think he is going to wrestle again. I don't think so Rocky.

    He will probably have a big impact on the Cena-Miz match, but then what? A feud with Cena? A feud with Miz? He makes way more money making movies and it is a lot less stressful on his body, so why would he jeopardize that?

    He will regret making that promise to the fans and he will quickly become a very despised individual.


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    Please feel free to comment below on your thoughts about Wrestlemania 27 and what will happen.

    And Mr. McMahon...please don't screw this up.