Are the Patriots in a Statistical Freefall?

Mike DussaultSenior Analyst IOctober 2, 2008

First off thanks to everyone who's checked out the I Won't Forget You Brady video. It was quite cool to see it on the front page of Cold Hard Football Facts, which I've been pimping on here as the best football site on the web for a while now. And I stick by this even though CHFF has an article this morning proclaiming the Pats in a statistical free fall.

First I think CHFF is rushing to judgement just a bit. Sure the statistics look bad through two and three-quarter games without Brady. Show me any back up quarterback that could step in and keep a team in the same statistical range as the 2007 Patriots were. Just about every stat they quote can be directly correlated to the absence on #12, and with a sampling of not even three full games.

As for their argument that the Pats have had two, going on three, bad drafts - it's kind of hard for a rookie to break into a lineup when there are Pro Bowlers top to bottom. Sure, missing on Chad Jackson hurt, and the jury is still out on Laurence Maroney, though he did have a dominating post season in 2007.

But Brandon Meriweather and Jerod Mayo have looked pretty good so far in 2008. And every member of the 2008 draft class is either on the 52-man roster or practice squad, at positions where the Pats needed the most help, namely linebacker and defensive back.

I love CHFF, but I think this is a bit of an alarmist article, especially so soon after a player as valuable as Brady went down. If he hadn't and the Pats were 3-0, would they still be in a statistical freefall? Probably not.