The 25 Sexiest Looks in Sports

Scott HowardContributor IMarch 28, 2011

The 25 Sexiest Looks in Sports

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    People watch women's sports for a lot of reasons. Some enjoy the competition. Others enjoy the skill involved.

    And some...well...they just enjoy watching women in peak physical condition run around in hot outfits.

    With that in mind I've put together the 25 sexiest looks in sports. While not all of them are actually worn by athletes, they definitely are all sports-related.

    All these sports looks can turn a six into a 10 in no time.

25. Wakeboarding Bikini

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    Wakeboarding may not be the most popular spectator sport, but the stuff that these girls do is pretty crazy.

    It doesn't hurt that when they're done they take off their life jacket and there's a bikini underneath. In a sport full of jumping and falling, I'd imagine there are quite a few wardrobe malfunctions.

    Why isn't this sport on TV more?









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24. Field Hockey Skirt

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    I was trying to understand why women would wear skirts to play field hockey, but then I was forced to watch a game and it suddenly became clear.

    Field hockey is difficult to watch. The rules are complicated, there are random points in the game when all the players have to drop their stick on the ground and head towards the bench, and in certain instances during the game players are required to wear ridiculous masks for their safety (and our amusement).

    The only thing that makes it bearable is the uniforms. Well played.



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23. Gymnastics Leotard

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    It's hard to get past the fact that most female gymnasts are less than five feet tall, but the form-fitting leotards certainly help.

    They get extra points for showing total dedication by actually gluing the bottom of the leotards to their rear-ends to avoid accidents during competition.

    Win at all costs, right?



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22. Australian Women's Basketball Uniforms

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    Anyone who's watched Olympic women's basketball (cue crickets) knows that the uniforms are not flattering. That is, unless, you're watching the Australian team.

    For some reason the Aussies have decided that a full-length leotard is the perfect attire for the game of basketball.

    No other teams have picked up on this trend just yet, but if WNBA ratings continue to stay at the same level, I wouldn't be surprised to see them introduced for the 2012 season.










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21. Hockey Jersey

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    Hockey jerseys are large and baggy, so it's hard to imagine that a woman could look hot in one.

    Well think again.

    Take, for example, Ashley Judd, who manages to turn a Kentucky hockey jersey into a dress of some sort. I didn't know Kentucky had a hockey team, but I'm going to guess that recruiting received a boost once this picture came out.










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20. Baseball Cap

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    It's incredibly simple, but a girl wearing a baseball cap in just the right way can be one of the sexiest things on Earth.

    It's probably a subconscious, primal instinct that tells us that any girl wearing a baseball hat likes baseball and is therefore a perfect mate.

    Maybe all female non-baseball fans will someday be weeded out through evolution. That's the world I want to live in.



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19. Surfing Rash Guard and Bikini Bottoms

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    Sure, beach volleyball players wear full bikinis, but there's something a little more enticing about the female surfing outfit.

    Despite the images of hot surfers in bikinis from Blue Crush, that's not actually what the professionals wear during competition.

    Generally they wear a rash guard on top with bikini bottoms, the perfect mix of performance and fashion. I'd be worried about sharks seeing my dangling legs...but that's just me.



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18. Basketball Jersey Dress

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    Nothing says, "I'm a basketball fan," like wearing the jersey of your favorite player. While it makes men look foolish and juvenile, somehow women have figured out how to make it look pretty hot.

    The simple yet important adjustment was making the jersey tighter and a few inches longer. Voila! Now we have a jersey-dress.

    Now the look says, "I'm a basketball fan, but I also attended Fashion Week." And the matching shoes give a whole new meaning to the word "Pumps."




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17. Shoulder Pads

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    You may not see it very often, but women will occasionally put on football shoulder pads for some extra protection.

    It helps when the girl's not wearing much other than the pads.

    No matter how you feel, you have to admit they definitely look better than the shoulder pads women wore in the '80s. Yikes.










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16. Tennis Skirt

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    The tennis skirt dates back to the early days of the sport, but something tells me pioneers like Althea Gibson and Doris Hart wouldn't exactly be excited about the direction that the attire has gone.

    If you turn on a women's tennis match today you'll see players wearing skirts so short that the girls on Jersey Shore would be ashamed to wear them.

    Makes you wonder if they'll ever eliminate the skirt altogether and just play in the tight shorts they wear underneath. At least it would be more aerodynamic.


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15. Sports Bra

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    It's not just worn by MMA fighters like Gina Carano. A staple in many women's workout gear, the sports bra is usually worn under another garment, but the most daring and proud wear it by itself.

    Any gym-goer has certainly noticed the one girl who constantly runs on the treadmill in only a sports bra. Some may even time their workouts to make sure that they get there at the same time.

    What? No, you're a stalker!




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14. USC Song Girl Sweaters

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    The USC Song Girls prove that you don't need to show too much skin to be sexy. They look classy on the sidelines as their team marches to victory.

    Their sweaters have helped the historic program achieve greatness. Yes, it was the sweaters. Definitely not the houses that were given to players' families.




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13. Track and Field Outfit

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    We only really pay attention to track and field every four years during the Olympics, but that doesn't stop the female competitors from wearing some pretty hot outfits.

    They used to wear something similar to a one-piece bathing suit, but they have since moved on to two-piece sports bra/shorts combinations that are designed for peak performance.

    With the new outfits, you can see every muscle rippling through the athletes' bodies as they move. If you look closely you can even see the steroids slowly flowing through their veins.











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12. Too-Small Football Jersey

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    Excuse me, ma'am, I think you accidentally wore your son's Pop Warner football jersey to the game. Oh it's yours? Alright, carry on.

    Football jerseys are a choice outfit for female fans at the stadium, but for some reason they're always a few sizes too small.

    It's not like we're complaining, but you wonder if they're made that small or if the women spend the days leading up to the game repeatedly shrinking them in the dryer.



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11. Country's Flag Tank Top

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    This look was made popular by lingerie model and Paraguayan soccer fan Larissa Riquelme, but it has been around for years.

    Basically female fans have figured out a way around constantly having to wave your country's flag during games. It's quite simple really: turn your country's flag into a tank top.

    This way their arms are free to drink beer, text their friends, make obscene gestures towards the other team's fans, whatever.

    It does make it quite difficult for male fans to keep their eyes on the field, though.









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10. Figure Skating Dress

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    They may occasionally be a bit over the top but, when done right, figure skating outfits can be up there with the best of them.

    They used to have this weird technique where they used skin-colored fabric to give the illusion of semi-nudity. It seems as if they've moved past that and just gone with actual exposed skin.

    I guess they figured out they can deal with the cold. Such troopers.



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9. NBA Dancer Outfit

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    NBA dancers are different from college basketball cheerleaders in many ways. First, they don't really cheer at all—they mostly dance and shake their pom-poms.

    Secondly, and more importantly, NBA dancers change outfits several times throughout the game. This keeps things fresh for the audience members who are looking for something to do during timeouts besides complain about leg room.

    The dancers manage to keep us entertained with their wardrobe selection, which, if you live in Sacramento, may actually be the most exciting part of the game.




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8. Unbuttoned Baseball Jersey

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    The baseball jersey isn't a particularly flattering garment. Yet somehow when a girl drops a button or two it becomes insanely hot.

    Because of this, I'm pretty sure the unbuttoned jersey is accountable for about 95 percent of the popularity of coed slow-pitch softball.

    It does take some skill to pull it off, however. Otherwise a girl could end up looking like this.



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7. Golf Skirt

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    Female golfers have never had a sterling reputation in terms of looks, but a recent wave highlighted by the likes of Natalie Gulbis is attempting to change that.

    For starters, they got rid of the traditional khaki pants and are now wearing short shorts and, even better, tennis-like skirts during competition.

    I know there are certain country clubs that still won't let women join, but the old men might change their minds if the golf skirt continues its rise.



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6. Indoor Volleyball Shorts

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    Every father, at one point or another, has to decide which activities his daughter will get involved in. I can tell you right now, if I ever have a daughter she's going nowhere near the volleyball court.

    Pretty much from high school on, women's volleyball players are forced to wear unimaginably small spandex shorts during games. I suppose they're playing it off as a safety issue, saying that fingers and what not could get caught in baggier shorts.

    I'm not buying it. Personally, I think Steven Tyler was in charge of the committee that made that rule.



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5. Ripped Team T-Shirt

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    Usually when a shirt gets torn it is a bad thing. Not for female sports fans, who sometimes even intentionally rip their team t-shirt in just the right place to make it that much sexier.

    Just make sure to do the tearing of the shirt at home, not in the parking lot before the game. Then you might be mistaken for an opposing fan, and risk getting beer bottles thrown at you.




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4. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Outfit

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    If the Dallas Cowboys are America's team, then the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are America's girls.

    The Cowboys cheerleader outfits are as iconic as the team itself, and little girls in Dallas grow up hoping to one day dance half-naked in front of 80,000 drunken, middle-aged men.

    I wonder if the pressure of the world's largest HD screen at the stadium has caused any of the cheerleaders to quit?

    "I'm going through $400 worth of makeup a week. I quit, Mr. Jones."



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3. UFC Ring Girl Outfits

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    UFC didn't invent the concept of the ring girl, but they've taken it to a new level. I guess it's the least they could do for the two competitors who are beating the crap out of each other.

    At least between rounds they get to look up and see beautiful, bikini-clad women. What a shame that the fights only last 3-5 rounds.

    Anybody want to join me in a campaign to extend them to eight rounds?



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2. Beach Volleyball Bikini

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    As far as I know, beach volleyball is the only sport that takes place out of the water in which the participants wear swimsuits.

    I guess there's always the danger of the ball accidentally being volleyed into the ocean, at which point all players will be wearing the appropriate attire to retrieve it. But something tells me that's not the primary reason for the bikinis.

    I suppose if I were a 6'3" woman with abs like The Situation I'd want to show them off too.





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1. Body Paint Jersey

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    If wearing somebody's jersey is a sign of a true fan, then painting the jersey onto your body must put you in a different category altogether.

    Female fans show ultimate support by getting the jersey of their favorite team painted on their body. It might be a little difficult to scrub off "Sacramento" and paint on "Anaheim," but I guess we'll worry about that later.

    Anybody have any turpentine?



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