ROUNDTABLE: Does Beckett at #3 hurt?

Evan Brunell@evanbrunellFeatured ColumnistOctober 2, 2008

Once a week, you’ll hear from numerous Red Sox bloggers on the Internet on a Red Sox related issue, and we’ll aggregate the answers here. Answers are placed in the order they were received. Thanks to everyone for participating!

How will Josh Beckett’s move back to Game 3 starter affect the team? (Tell us in the comments your opinion!)

“I’m actually not that concerned, believe it or not. Jon Lester has shown that he is a big game pitcher, so I’m not worried on that end. The only concern I have is the loss of Beckett for a clinching Game 5, Lester too. The ball will go to (gulp) Dice-K…” — Evan Brunell, Fire Brand of the American League

“The Red Sox will miss the postseason dominance of Josh Beckett in the away games. Lester and Matsuzaka are more than capable of starting games in Anaheim but I’d rather see Lester and Beckett twice in a 5 game series rather than Lester and Matsuzaka twice.” — Michael Christopher, “>Sox Addict (more…)