John Cena, The Rock, Monday Night Raw and WWE's Top News

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John Cena, The Rock, Monday Night Raw and WWE's Top News

Welcome to the moment wrestling fans have been awaiting for five years.

Tonight The Rock and John Cena stand face to face. I know it’s sports entertainment, and that it’s all scripted (unless you believe what Randy Orton is saying), but this doesn’t seem staged.

Cena has spent the last few years calling The Rock out for leaving the WWE high and dry. The Rock has had to hear it for years while trying to distance himself from the sport that gave him his career.

It’s The Rock’s mainstream success that has opened the doors for so many other wrestlers to branch out beyond sports entertainment. But now The Rock should feel bad for it? It’s a career change, but in pro wrestling you’re not allowed to do that.

Cena has spent the same few years talking trash about the The Great One, but at the same time has been criticized for being the face of a company that hasn’t been as good since The Rock left.

Tonight they will follow their scripts and hit their spots to sell the WrestleMania pay-per-view, but it’s going to feel like more than that.

It’s going to feel personal.

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