Laura Vikmanis, VCU Basketball, Barry Bonds and Monday's Top Sports News

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Laura Vikmanis, VCU Basketball, Barry Bonds and Monday's Top Sports News
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It's official: VCU basketball has turned itself into the biggest bracket-busting, headache-inducing, March Madness-inciting mid-major team since George Mason in 2006.

After all, while many could have seen Butler's run to the national title game last season, as the Bulldogs were fresh off a dominant regular season, and just as many thought the Bulldogs were capable of another Final Four appearance this year, the Rams were one of the tournament's afterthoughts.

On second thought, afterthought is too kind of a word for them. Given the vitriol spewed their way after Selection Sunday, the Rams were easily one of the least welcome Big Dance participants since sub-.500 Georgia in 2008. 

But now, after ripping off five wins, including four over higher-seeded opponents, all against power-conference powerhouses, the Rams have landed in rarefied air: the Final Four. 

Now that they've earned their place in the annals of history, can the Rams keep it going? 

As if the Final Four weren't enough, there's a tiny little perjury case going on that could decide the fate of one of the greatest hitters in baseball history. Barry Bonds' entire reputation is at stake, although many think the slugger was doomed in the court of public opinion long ago.

Plus, Laura Vikmanis, the NFL's oldest cheerleader, just agreed to have her life story turned into a movie. 

Who says college basketball is the only reason March is mad?

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