Final Four 2011: 10 Keys To Victory for Kemba Walker and the Connecticut Huskies

James EvensCorrespondent IMarch 28, 2011

Final Four 2011: 10 Keys To Victory for Kemba Walker and the Connecticut Huskies

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    Wow, what a season it has been for the UConn Huskies.  They went from being what some people thought was near the bubble, to a team that is in the Final Four in Houston, Texas to face off against the Kentucky Wildcats.

    Yes this season has been very memorable for the Huskies and for their fans alike.

    From the Calhoun drama, to the Kemba Walker show, it has been a great year, but UConn is looking to not let their season end, but to play two more games.

    Here are 10 keys to victory for the Huskies against Kentucky.

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Kemba Needs to Make Good Decisions

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    It is important to the Huskies' success that Walker makes good decisions in the game.

    Walker has averaged 23.5 points and around five rebounds and assists this season, along with two steals per game.

    He has been everything for the Huskies, but for him to make good decisions is going to be a key in this one.

    Making the extra pass could be the difference between a win and a loss in this one.

Shut Down Brandon Knight

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    Brandon Knight is a key part of the Kentucky attack. When he isn't playing well, it is usually bad news for the Wildcats.  

    If UConn can shut him down, it would be key to their success in this one.

    It looks as though Walker and Knight would make a pretty decent matchup on both ends of the court, so it will be fun to watch these two future lottery picks facing off against each other. 

Exploit Kentucky's Youth

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    UConn is a lot older than Kentucky.  

    Kentucky consists of a little bit of leadership and a ton of youth, something that is very typical of a John Calipari team.

    If UConn can exploit the youth of Kentucky and force mistakes, it could be easy sailing for the Wildcats. 

Get Solid Minutes from Role Players

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    Kentucky is a physical team that generally draws a lot of fouls.  It will be necessary for the role players on this Huskies squad to produce in the clutch.

    Although the lights will be turned up and the atmosphere will be buzzing, it will be key for these players to play like veterans. 

    Role players are often overlooked, but every great team has had key contributors that weren't given attention.

Rest Up

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    This UConn team has been on one heck of a roll as of late. They have won nine straight games and need to continue this pace.

    It is important that this team gets some rest before heading to Houston for the Final Four.

    Having fresh legs will be key in this one.

Play Like the Women

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    This should speak for itself. The UConn women have stolen the spotlight from the Connecticut team and it's time for the men to take it back.

    If they can channel their inner Geno, maybe they can make a run at title.

Play at the Pace They Want

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    Kentucky likes to take it up and down the court, but so does UConn.  If UConn can figure out a way to slow down the game, it would give the Huskies a better shot at victory.

    It would be great for the Huskies if they can control the pace of the game and run when they want, but also run a half court offense to slow down the high speed Wildcats.

    UConn just has to play their game. 


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    The defense will be key in this one.  Neither team plays exceptional defense, but the edge has got to be to the Huskies in this one.

    They played in the Big East all season, but this is a different kind of basketball.

    They need to be very physical and be able to control this Wildcat team.

Out Coach Calipari

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    This is going to be a coaching duel.  Both of these coaches are very familiar with recruiting scandals, but are also known as some of the best playcallers and fiery guys in the sport.

    Calhoun has won two national titles and has made four Final Fours while coach John Calipari is going into his first Final Four, again, after having two previous Final Fours vacated. 

    Either way though, both of these guys have experience in this situation and Calhoun will need to be on his "A" game to out coach Calipari.

Play with the Heart of a Champion

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    UConn has had one of the best players in college basketball this season in Kemba Walker. Although he has another year left to play if he wants it, this is likely his last run in a UConn uniform.

    At this point in the tournament, it's less about talent and more about who wants it more.

    Look at VCU, they are a prime example of this. Kansas had more talent than VCU, but they still got it done.

    For UConn to win this game, they will need to pour their heart and soul into it to win that National Title every team in the nation wants to badly.