WWE Wrestlemania 27: 10 Reasons Why Edge Will Top Alberto Del Rio

Big DallasContributor IMarch 27, 2011

WWE Wrestlemania 27: 10 Reasons Why Edge Will Top Alberto Del Rio

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    My personal preference aside, I believe Del Rio is a great wrestler who has an incredibly bright future. But, like any great debater, one must see both sides of an argument. In any debate, you are sometimes forced to argue the side you don't agree with.

    This is what I am attempting to do right here. I will attempt to show you why Edge will beat Alberto Del Rio at the show of shows.

1: Edge Has Experience

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    Regardless of how great Del Rio is, his pay per view match total can be counted on one hand. This is his second match for a title and his first Wrestlemania.

    Edge, however, has participated in the last three Main Event(s) and has gone toe to toe with legends like John Cena, Undertaker, Mick Foley, and Chris Jericho. He has also had his Wrestlemania moment. Each legend has his, whether it is Austin refusing to tap, Eddie and Chris' celebration, Undertaker's streak, Jericho kicking Michaels in the crotch,  Michael's boyhood dream come true or Hogan slamming Andre, Edge has had several moments of his own. It was his spear at Wrestlemania 17 off the ladder to Jeff Hardy that helped E and C capture the Tag Team titles. It was his Money in The Bank Briefcase win that cemented one of the most popular matches of all time. It was his spear through a table on fire that helped him defeat the HardCore Legend, in a hardcore match no less.

2: Spear, Spear, Spear!

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    While the chanting was stupid, no one can doubt the spear's effectiveness. Edge can hit it while an opponent is on the ground or off a counter. Edge can basically hit the spear at any point in time, much like an RKO.

3: Edge's Moveset

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    Name a move, and Edge has attempted it and probably used it to put an opponent away (Don't really do that; I don't want to hear that Edge hasn't used a 360 Springboard double moonsault to defeat an opponent). Edge has used the Spear, Edgecution, Impaler DDT, The Killswitch, The Electric Chair, Edgeomatic, Sharpshooter, Flapjack, etc. All of these moves can be used to counter a very talented Alberto Del Rio.

4. Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

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    Alberto Del Rio has his patented submission finisher; it's enough to break anyone's arm, right? Just ask Christian. No matter, says Edge; I'll just adopt a submission maneuver as part of my arsenal. As a matter of fact, since I'm from Canada, I'll use the Sharpshooter. Haha!


    (That's not what really happened.)

5. The Royal Rumble Bad Luck

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    When was the last time the man who won the Royal Rumble won their match at Wrestlemania? It was 2007, the Undertaker, and that shouldn't even count, seeing as the Undertaker wasn't going to lose. Iconic names like Edge, Randy Orton and John Cena have all beaten the odds at the Royal Rumble yet lost their championship match.

6: Edge Has Allies

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    Christian still has a vendetta against Del Rio. It was Alberto that took six months of Christian's career and caused him to miss a potential World Championship opportunity. So why wouldn't Christian want to exact his revenge yet again?

7. The Champion's Advantage

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    At anytime during the match, if he so desires, Edge can slap the referee, kick Del Rio in the groin, hit him with a chair or simply walk out, and he will not lose the title. Del Rio must make him submit or pin him to actually win the title. it makes me wonder why guys like Orton or Jericho EVER lost the title. Just win it, then walk out.

8: Smackdown Is Heel Heavy

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    Don't know what this means? Allow me to explain. Who could Del Rio feud with if he wins after Edge? Kofi (not) Christian? (After two pay per views, that would get stale.) Big Show? Don't make me laugh. But, when Edge wins, he can feud with the likes of Del Rio again, Barrett, Rhodes, McIntyre, Swagger, etc. It only takes one maineventer to make a match, and Del Rio isn't at the point where his name value sells a match. Edge is.

9: Edge Is on a Roll

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    Edge is on a roll. When was the last time he lost on TV, or even on Pay Per View? If you look at a previous article of mine, I have Edge going 12-1 since the beginning of the year. Not bad. Edge can't be stopped.

10: Edge May Be Retiring Soon

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    Why does this matter, you might ask? Well, look at wrestlers who have retired recently or will soon (Batista, Kane, Undertaker, Jeff Hardy). All had a title within a year of their retirement. Kind of a retirement present from Vince McMahon.