You Drafted Him for a Reason! Go With Your Stud!

Dante CocciaContributor IOctober 2, 2008

This is the time of year when teams start to panic.

The bye weeks have started, and the dust of the draft has finally settled. This is when teams start to overthink this little thing we call fantasy football. Relax people, it's only Week Four. We don't know that much yet.

I see one huge mistake every year in October: People bench their studs because of the so-called tough matchup. This can be your downfall! You never know when Joseph Addai is going to score three touchdowns; you just know it's going to happen eventually.

Start your stud! You drafted him to carry your team and now you want to bench him for a far less player because he happens to be playing in Minnesota?

Let's just say if L.T. is playing the Vikings, and your backup is Laurence Maroney playing the Lions, you DON'T bench L.T.!

Never bench your stud!


This will cause you heartbreak when you see L.T. scoring TD after TD against that "bad matchup!"

Stick with your convictions and start your studs...Or they will make you very sorry.