WWE WrestleMania 27: 10 Burning Questions Heading into Sunday Night Pay-Per View

LewisAnalyst IIIApril 2, 2011

WWE WrestleMania 27: 10 Burning Questions Heading into Sunday Night Pay-Per View

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    WrestleMania 27 is now so close, and in the words of "The Great One"—if ya smell!

    Well, I do smell Rock...I smell WrestleMania.

    We all have an idea of the matches the 27th extravaganza will showcase.  We also all have a specific match we're anticipating—whether it's to see Cody Rhodes singles push, Alberto Del Rio's first of many WrestleManias or Cole getting the crap beat out of him.

    Others may not be looking forward to a match, but rather a moment.  Perhaps it's a possible interference from Christian in the World Heavyweight Championship match, or maybe it's The Rock returning at the "Granddaddy of them all" that has you fired up.

    Let's get to it as I showcase the top 10 burning questions regarding the biggest event of the year. 

What Role Will Christian Have in the World Heavyweight Championship Match?

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    One of the most underrated performers of the last ten years

    The biggest storyline for me this year was Alberto Del Rio Vs. Edge and Christian's ever moving role. 

    I'm not counting the Rock/Cena because it's not an official match (yet!).

    Christian is one of my favorite WWE Superstars, and many people around the world have also taken a liking to the multi-time Tag Team Champion.

    Ever since Del Rio (Kayfabe) injured Christian's pectoral region, people have begun to speculate on a possible post-injury feud.

    Then, after the Mexican aristocrat, Del Rio, won the biggest Royal Rumble ever people began to speculate if and how Christian will be involved.

    Two particular ideas were tossed around the internet: Edge (as Champion) Vs. Del Rio with the addition of Christian turning this into a Triple Threat match—that didn't happen. The other idea was Christian turning heel and thus a Triple Threat angle again—nope, wrong again.  

    Turns out Christian returned at the Elimination Chamber saving Edge from a beating which was going to be dealt by Del Rio, then had a series of wins against Del Rio in singles and Tag Team competition. 

    Surely Christian then was going to be added to the WrestleMania 27 match-up.


    Christian seems to be, at this moment in time, only an enforcer protecting Edge's side of the ring. Either WWE pulls a massive turn and lets Christian do a little segment describing how he will be in the match, or he will have a monumental interference and either let Edge win (remaining face) or Del Rio (thus turning heel).

    The latter of the two I feel is more likely to occur.

    So, what's next after WrestleMania for Christian?

    Feud with Edge after turning heel: 9.5/10

    Feud with Del Rio as Face: 6/10

    Feud with Brodus Clay: 3.5/10 

What Will Become of Cody Rhodes?

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    Cody Rhodes is proving that he was the Shawn Micheals of Legacy

    From Day one, I felt Rhodes had that something, though that something was being effectively stifled by Ted DiBiase. I Feel Ted has a lot of potential, but I feel he just lacks the charismatic spark that Rhodes has.  Don't get me wrong, I love when DiBiase appears on RAW, not because I'm a fan of his, but more because Maryse make me happy so to speak.  

    However, when Rhodes swaggers down the ramp towards the ring, I truly feel that the pending performance might be an epic bout.

    Ever since the "Dashing" gimmick overtook the generic "Second Generation superstar" hook, a large amount of articles on Bleacher Report and beyond have been published.

    Rhodes at this point in time has a bright future.  People often say he hasn't got what it takes to become a World Champion but I strongly disagree. What exactly do people say? For one that he is too small (Chris Jericho made it, Rey Mysterio made it) or that he is incapable of doing a main event class promo (have you seen his latest performances?).

    The "Dark" gimmick he is currently using has shown fans that he can pull off a lot of gimmicks to the fullest of their potential.  Given time and a little patience, Cody may become on the better smaller guys to make it the the business.

    Hopefully, Rhodes won't lose momentum as his feud with Rey Mysterio has ignited a new fire, a new desire and a new future for Rhodes.

    What's next after WrestleMania—I see him feuding with Big Show or Kane if he fully turns face.   

Will the Miz' Status Be Effected After Wrestlemania If He Loses?

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    Will Miz still be viewed as a Main Eventer?

    The curious case of Michael "Miz" Mizanin.

    People often try to figure out the next bright star of WWE and many predicted Miz as one of them.

    However, if you recall a match with the Great Khali Vs. The Miz a few weeks ago, it dropped a measurable amount of viewers when Miz attacked him with multiple chair shots.

    Another example of an incident involving the Miz and declining viewing figures.    

    I'm no expert, but ratings dropping when your WWE Champion is on air is bad sign. All over the internet there has been mention of this—don't believe me? Go Google it!

    Now, is this a sign of Miz being poor main event material or is it just bad luck?—I speculate it's bad luck.

    How many people honestly enjoy The Great Khali's matches? I feel people watch Khali because there's no other option, and it beats not working I suppose, as he stumbles mindlessly around the ring.

    To fully prove that point, I would have to do research into Khali's appearances, but sadly I was unable to find any such data.

    People have expressed that The Miz will drop the title to Superman—sorry John Cena. But, if that does indeed happen will it show that the WWE has lost faith in Miz drawing or was his time up?

    What's next after WrestleMania?

    The only way we will find out will be on TV.

    Will Miz still be working high profile feuds (Triple H)?: 8/10 

    Drop down to the upper mid-card (Wade Barrett)?: 7/10...with maybe a feud with John Morrison?

    Drop down to the U.S. Title (Sheamus)?: 5/10 

    Or drop down with no feud at all (Swagger before being Cole's trainer)?: 1.5/10

Will Triple H Vs. the Streak Provide a Match Worthy for Wrestlemania Main Event?

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    Instead of Sting Vs. The Streak we will get Triple H Vs. The Streak

    Triple H vs. The Streak 

    Anyone else feeling Deja Vu? Well that's because this match-up happened in 2001 at WrestleMania 17, even though the WWE are not mentioning that at all.  

    The reason for such a odd title for the slide is because The "WWE's Apex Predator" Randy Orton revealed a concern of his.

    "I hate to say the obvious, but I think Triple H vs. The Undertaker is going to be very interesting. 

    The only thing that they don't have going for them is the amount of time both guys have been outside of the ring the last year. 

    Triple H wrestled Sheamus at WrestleMania 26, then either the night after or a couple of weeks later, Sheamus put him on the shelf. Triple H ended up tearing his bicep, having some neck problems, and filming a couple of movies. 

    He was out of the picture, but that's good for a guy who has been in the business 20 years. He has three baby girls and he's married to Stephanie McMahon, so he's a family man, too, and that's important. 

    But as far as headlining the biggest show of them all, he has to have a little ring rust on him. 

    Of course, he is The Game, he is Triple H, and he's one of the best, if not the best in my opinion when it comes to this generation, but that ring rust will do you in. 

    Your timing is very important when it comes to hitting the ropes and how many steps you need to take in order to execute this move or that move. I don't know if he's in the ring hitting the ropes and getting his stamina up, but that could be a factor in this match. 

    I guess we won't know until it's all said and done if these guys have been training, and who knows what The Undertaker has been doing. But if there's anyone who has been around and knows what they're doing, nobody knows better than The Undertaker. 

    And I think no matter what happens, this is going to be one of the most anticipated matches on the pay-per-view."

    Source: WrestlingRevealed.com

    This is what Orton said, and I agree with him. Both of them haven't wrestled this year. In fact, Triple H's non-wrestling streak is soon to be up to a year. So the question is will this match be worthy enough to fill Shawn Michaels vs The Streak shoes?

    Will That Match be a sloberknocker?: 9/10...two ring generals, two Legends, two Superstars long before WWE coined the phrase.

    These two aren't going to disappoint us.   

What Will the Other Superstars Do?

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    What will happen to the Likes Of Zack Ryder, Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston?

    Run through the following list and tell me which is on the card for Atlanta on Sunday:  

    Drew McIntyre

    Evan Bourne

    Mark Henry

    R Truth

    Ted DiBiase

    Tyson Kidd


    William Regal

    Yoshi Tatsu

    Zack Ryder

    Chavo Guerrero

    Chris Masters

    Trent Barreta

    Tyler Reks


    0, Zero, Nothing.

    Perhaps the closest was Kofi Kingston—he seemed guran-d****-teed as he was penciled in for a match against the Corre—the important word here being "penciled" versus carved in stone which makes all the difference.

    In my view, the WWE should have had Wade Barrett vs Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental belt, with the rest of Corre facing Big Show.  

    Moving away from that, money in the bank was always the way to incorporate ring veterans (Goldust/Henry) with young guns (Tyler Reks/Drew McIntyre), however without that match many guys aren't on the card.

    WWE should hopefully realize this and do a Battle Royal as a dark match or even chuck a few guys in for a tag team turmoil match with the winner having a shot at Koslov and Santino for the titles.

    What will happen?: 

    Battle Royal: 6.5/10

    Tag Team Turmoil: 3.5/10

Will the Rock Do the Rock Bottom or the People's Elbow and on Who?

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    Will The Great One attack Miz,Cena or both?

    Expect anything—that tagline has been expressed countless times over they years, but I truly feel that this time.

    We all know he will Rock Bottom Cena. 

    He probably will Rock Bottom Miz too.

    I'm usually pretty good at predicting matches outcomes, but I'm not sure whom will win. The expectable outcome is that Cena will lose due to Rock, but on the other hand, I've heard WWE is considering a Miz/Rock match before a Rock/Cena match. If this latest news is anything to go by, Miz will lose.

    I'm not writing much on this slide because this issue has been written many times during the build-up to this years event.

    What's next after WrestleMania?:

    Rock Wrestling Miz: 5/10

    Rock Wrestling Cena: 10/10 

Is the New Nexus on the Verge of Demolition?

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    Punk is the only remaining Superstar of the Nexus - Will CM Punk fall Victim to the Viper?

    The New Nexus had a bright star in the form on CM Punk but WWE let Orton run rampant on the stable.

    All we have now is the commentators effectively calling CM Punk as the New Nexus.

    I feel this match will be great, however as stated by Chris Jericho, only 26 other matches have been called the show-stealer of the event. Personally, I feel this will be great but not monumental. Monumental I see going to Rey Mysterio vs Rhodes.

    Also, I feel this so called "feud" hasn't been executed well enough, and I just haven't been engaged in this storyline as i have liked. CM Punk is a favorite of mine and usually enjoy his feuds, and this one isn't one of them.

    Hopefully, WWE finish the Nexus off for good and let these two actually fight for the belt as I feel that would be much suitable.

    Will Randy Orton finish off Punk? Will a Nexus member interfere even though banished? Will Punk win this year?

    What's next after WrestleMania?:

    CM Punk/Orton saga continuing: 4/10

    CM Punk going after WWE Title if Cena has it: 6/10

Will Lawler Provide the Final Blow to Cole?

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    How will Stone Cold affect this one?

    Hulk Hogan speculated that Jimmy Hart would be in Lawler's Corner, and that hasn't been shown on television.... yet. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Hart turned up through the crowd with his megaphone.

    I for one want Stone Cold to stun Cole's a**. (I meant Stunner you sick people!)

    I want Swagger to show he has what it takes ..... again.

    I want Lawler to pile-drive Micheal Cole, though WWE may have banned Lawler from performing it—http://www.wrestlingrevealed.com/next/content.php/2500-Jerry-Lawler-Finishing-Move-Banned

    I hope that all of you concur when I say that Stone Cold will cost Cole the match as I feel that's the logical and expected thing to do here. 

    One of the few reasons i'm glad this match is to take place is that it opens the door for the grand return of the sloberknocker originator himself—Jim Ross. Unless Booker T and Josh Matthews call it as a duo, however WWE has been using the threesome commentating route which means five  options.

    Jim Ross

    Jack Korpela

    Scott Stanford

    Matt Striker 

    Todd Grisham

    Although JR has said he isn't the one, i'm not ruling it out until the event is said and done!

How Will the Corre Effect Wrestlemania 27?

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    Will Jackson Show his strength against Show?

    The Corre versus Kane, Big Show, Vladamir Koslov and Santino Marella.

    I for one am glad that Santino is getting a shot at having a match at WrestleMania. The guy should be utilized better, and I and a small amount see him as a person who could be a big player if he drops the gimmick. He has all the tools and very few can make the live crowds roar like he does.

    Can anyone imagine Atlanta erupting when he does the silly Cobra? It will rock the house and rock the camera i'm sure of it.

    On a serious note, If the Corre lose via pinfall from a Cobra?—it will knock their status as a "dominating group".

    I feel the WWE should have put all titles on the line for this, in the form of a two fall match.

    For example, Big Show pins Heath Slater—he wins Intercontinental title and Jackson pins Koslov. The tag titles could be defended via the freebird rule. 

    Good idea right? Well... I think so! 

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan: Just a Filler?

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    Will Sheamus Reign Supreme?

    Sheamus will hopefuly bring prestige as a main eventer holding the mid-card title, and Bryan will look like a formidable threat.

    I'm a member of the IWC that thinks Daniel Bryan was overhyped. I only saw a few clips of his matches post-WWE, and felt he was a great in-ring talent and people hyped him as a "big thing." He reminds me of John Morrison with his great ring work, but bores me to death when he speaks.

    Hopefully Sheamus wins, as the U.S. Title changing hands should happen after a full blown-out feud between the two. Over the Limit or the closer, Extreme Rules, are suitable times to switch the title as I feel Daniel Byran should get more of a chance at the U.S. Title down the road.

    If Sheamus holds the title and doesn't drop the title to Bryan, what will become of him?

    What happens post-WrestleMania for both men?:

    Feud until Extreme Rules: 7/10

    Feud until Over the Limit: 3/10

    ...though, Bryan doesn't get the title back and is traded to Smackdown could be a better option.

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    It is becoming a tradition for me to post hot Women at the end of my slides and today is no different.

    Please comment—I really appreciate it.