WWE Wrestlemania 27: 20 Bold Predictions for Wrestling's Biggest Extravaganza

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WWE Wrestlemania 27: 20 Bold Predictions for Wrestling's Biggest Extravaganza

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    The 3rd of April marks this year's annual sports entertainment extravaganza, the Superbowl of wrestling: WrestleMania, and doubtless this year it will be bigger than ever.

    So far, the build-up to the event has centered around guest host, The Rock, and his memorable interactions with John Cena and The Miz, the disrespecting of Jerry Lawler by Michael Cole, the current queen of pop culture, Snooki, the rise of Alberto Del Rio, and, of course, The Streak.

    WrestleMania, like all WWE Pay-per-views, is more unpredictable than it is given credit for, but this year, there are some certainties. Those will be detailed here, along with some bolder predictions for the Showcase of the Immortals.

Michael Cole Will Receive a Stone Cold Stunner

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    This is one of the events I believe is an inevitability at this year's WrestleMania. There is absolutely no chance that Cole will go over the hugely respected Hall of Famer, Jerry Lawler in his first and only WrestleMania match.

    After having been soundly beaten by The King, Cole will be left with Stone Cold, and will receive the proper punishment for his heinous treatment of Lawler, a stunner and a beer-bath.

Good 'Ol J.R. Will Announce at WrestleMania

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    With WWEs main announcers being involved in what is being considered a main attraction at WrestleMania, there is going to be a big lack of experienced announcing talent at the show. If there is ever a show that needs commentary with gravitas, it's WrestleMania, and that is where J.R. comes in.

    Ross's well-known close friendship with The King makes him incredibly desirable talent for the WrestleMania announce table.

    Josh Matthews and Booker T could be respectable announcing talents in the future, but for this year at least, the true voice of the WWE, 'good ol' J.R.' is needed.

Jerry Lawler Will Retire from the Announce Table

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    I have already claimed that Jerry Lawler will definitely win at WrestleMania. But what then? Surely he and Michael Cole can't simply go back to announcing together? Michael Cole is being built as its new No. 1 announcer, and so will be on RAW, meaning that Lawler will not.

    The last few months have shown a great resurgence for The King, who has held his own in the ring with WWEs top stars, but given the sentimentality behind his own personal "Road to WrestleMania" storyline, it seems more like a victory lap, one last flourish, before he retires.

Johnny Curtis & R-Truth Will Receive Their Tag Title Opportunity

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    I was a big fan of Curtis on NXT. He has a great look and can keep pace with most in the ring. Since NXT, though, he has been overshadowed by the man he beat, Brodus Clay.

    It is his time to step up, and though WrestleMania is a big, intimidating arena to do that, I think it could well happen. The tag titles will surely have to be defended, and though Kane and Big Show might be favorites for this booking, Corre have already retained their titles against them. The only team left with a definite claim to a tag team title shot is Curtis and Truth.

    That is not to say they'll prevail over Corre, who are on something of a dominant run, but it would a good and relatively shocking way to introduce 'WWEs next breakout star'. Perhaps given the heat between them on NXT, Clay could cost Curtis and Truth the match, setting up a future feud.

Drew Carey Will Be Involved in a Skit with Kane

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    This year, Drew Carey has been something of a surprise announcement for the celebrity wing of the Hall of Fame, with some people not thinking he has earned his spot. He has certainly been less involved with WWE than other hall of famers like Pete Rose or Bob Uecker.

    Having him involved in another skit would be a good way to add legitimization to his place in the Hall of Fame, and an encounter with consummate celebrity-buster, Kane, would be the perfect way to achieve that, especially given their memorable encounter at the 2001 Royal Rumble.

Sunny Will Make an Appearance at the Announce Table

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    The original diva made some memorable appearances at the announce table during her career, and she would be a great addition as a guest announcer during one of the WrestleMania matches, most probably the match involving containing contemporary divas LayCool.

Snooki Will Pin Layla

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    This is one of the more predictable aspects of this year's event. The celebrity babyface will definitely go over, and will most probably be the one to get the pin. This year will be no different.

    I'm a big fan of Layla, but if anyone is going to suffer the indignity of being pinned by Snooki, it will be her and not Michelle McCool. Expect to see a finish in which the babyfaces hit their finishers on the heels in quick succession, allowing Snooki to get the three-count.

The Break-Up of LayCool

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    To me, it looked like original plans for LayCool was a split and a one-on-one match at WrestleMania before Snooki was booked for the show.

    If my previous prediction is correct, there would surely be a renewal of the tensions between Michelle and Layla, perhaps meaning that the nixing of creative plans for the break-up may only have been a delay in the split between the top divas in WWE until after their match with Snooki.

Money in the Bank?

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    I know it has been reported that Money in the Bank will not return at this year's WrestleMania, but to me, the card is looking pretty bare for mid-card wrestlers.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Guest Host The Rock make an early "electrifying" impact by announcing a Money in the Bank match at the top of the show, and it would be a good way for people like Drew McIntyre, Ted DiBiase and Evan Bourne to get some screen time.

The RAW GM Will Be Revealed

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    The identity of the RAW general manager has been one of the more intriguing mysteries this year, and with the inevitable fall of Cole, there might be cause to finally reveal the identity of the general manager.

    The favorites for the position would be Kevin Nash, who was apparently close to being revealed as the GM, Stephanie McMahon, who has been in an authority role in the past, or even, possibly, The Rock.

Cody Rhodes Will Have His Breakthrough Performance

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    Last year, Cody Rhodes had a WrestleMania match with Randy Orton. Since then, he hasn't progressed much, but has managed to retain a strong position on the roster.

    This year, he is taking on another top talent in Rey Mysterio, and he seems primed for a more impressive performance. For one thing, he isn't sharing his spot with Ted DiBiase, but more importantly, Rey Mysterio asked for Cody Rhodes personally. Given that Mysterio asked for Rhodes, I certainly can't see him burying him, and I think there's a good chance that he'll put Rhodes over in an impressive match.

Christian Will Turn on Edge

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    Ten years ago, Edge and Christian were involved in TLC II, one of the greatest tag team matches of all time. Now Christian finds himself re-uninted with Edge in Smackdown's main event feud at WrestleMania.

    After WrestleMania, I can't see a reunited Edge and Christian having much of a shelf-life, suggesting that we might instead see a long-awaited Edge versus Christian feud. Alberto Del Rio will probably be coming of age at this PPV and winning the World Championship, and a way to achieve that without reflecting too badly on Edge would be for Christian to deliberately cost him the match, a move that may even propel Christian to the main event.

The Rock Will Interact with as Many People as Possible as Guest Host

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    As guest host, you would expect The Rock to be visible throughout the show, and it will be in WWE's interest to give as many wrestlers as possible a rub from the most electrifying man in all of entertainment.

    The Rock introducing people like John Morrison, Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston in a complimentary way would be very good for the confidence and perception of these wrestlers.

The Rock Will Come Face-to-Face with HHH

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    The Rock vs. Triple H was one of the greatest, most iconic feuds of recent memory, and I think it would be a big loss if WWE didn't capitalize on Rocky's return by having these two face to face again.

    There is a lot of respect between these two, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Rock catch up with HHH backstage, wish him luck, and suggest he can win.

The Spectre of Shawn Michaels Will Be Felt in the Undertaker-HHH Match

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    As the main inductee in to the 2011 Hall of Fame, in a PPV featuring lots of Hall of Famers, I'm sure HBK will play some sort of role in the event, and given his relationship to both HHH and the Undertaker, it will be in this match.

    I'm sure he wont interfere in the actual match, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Cerebral Assassin had HBK's music hit halfway through to distract the Undertaker, and try to gain an advantage.

HHH Will Become #19

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    Every year, the WWE does a great job of making The Streak seem in jeopardy. Last year, I thought Shawn Michaels really had a chance of breaking it, and this year, HHH seems to be a huge hurdle for The Deadman.

    However, I think deep down, we all know that The Streak will probably never be broken, eventhough this match will probably be a very good main event match.

Cena Will Receive a Rock Bottom

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    Before WrestleMania, the Rock-Cena feud entirely consisted of words, but at WrestleMania, a physical interaction is definitely on the cards, and I'm sure The Miz will receive a Rock Bottom, as is no surprise, but a Rock Bottom to Cena will be iconic, shocking, and one of the most memorable moments in WrestleMania history.

Cena Will Not Be a Superman

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    The impression I get is that John Cena is being expected to go over in this match, but to me, this seems unlikely, partly due to the further predictions I will make about the PPV.

    Since winning Money in the Bank, The Miz has been on the rise to the very top in WWE, and a victory against John Cena at WrestleMania will cement that position for certain. It wont be easy, and Miz will probably need to use some heelish tactics, but I think he will retain his championship.

    Even though neither Cena or Miz are considered the finest wrestlers in the world, they can both put on very good, dramatic matches, and I expect no less this year in a match that will produce a shocking finish.

John Cena Will Turn Heel

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    Maybe this is just wishful thinking at this point, but this WrestleMania provides another opportunity for a dream John Cena heel turn.

    If my prediction about Miz retaining his championship, there would be a reason for Cena to turn heel. He could turn on the fans for their support not helping him regain the WWE Championship, and on the Rock for counting his shoulders down, leading perhaps to him attacking the Rock in the aftermath of the match, thus turning heel in a move as shocking as Steve Austin's was ten years ago.

Rocky Will Stay for Summerslam

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    Many people are skeptical about The Rock's assertion that he is not going away, but I'm sure this encounter at WrestleMania 27 wont be the last we see of The People's Champ.

    There have already been rumors that Rocky will have some sort of programme at Summerslam, and that could well be against John Cena if 'The Champ' turns heel, while wrestling matches with more of WWE's up and comers in the mean-time.

    When Rock says he isn't going away, I believe him.