C.C. Who? The Phillies chase "ace" Sabathia in NLDS Game 2.

Logan SchellContributor IOctober 2, 2008

     Wow, who would have thought that the Brewers would fight and claw their way back into the playoffs after being two games behind the Mets.Well actually I was one of those many people. The Brew Crew have looked sensational the last few weeks. I guess if you think sensational was relianing on the long ball, having sub par pitching and well of course making as many errors as possible.


     The Brewers are led by their homers with a lot of young guys that can hit them. They have good starters, led by Sabathia and Sheets. They have a Patriots without Brady bullpen led by Gagne and Mota and the list goes one for awhile.


     So why would the Brewers be able to win? The answer is Mr. Three Days Rest also known as C.C. Sabathia. He has gone eleven and two with a two seventy erned run average with two hundred and fifty one strike outs. He has been a huge lift to the Brewers and the whole city of Milwaukee. 


     The Brew Crew played in Philledalphea  Wednesday and lost three to one. Mike Cameran had a huge drop in center feild on a nearly impossible catch, but he dove and it fell out've his glove and two scored. Yovani Gallardo didn't have a very good game as he gave up 5 walks. There were three runs scored by the Phillies and none of them were earned by the pitching staff. Again they like to get as many errors as possible.


     So today, 10/2/08, we had our big horse on the mound Mr. Three Days Rest. Everybody was thinking that the Brewers would easily pull this one out. That was certanly not the story. Our Black Stallion couldn't even make it out of the fourth inning after giving up alot of runs and having an unchariscterisly high pitch count. I ask myself is starting him on three days rest for four strait times to many please comment and I will respond.


     I wrote this before the end of the game so it won't have the finale score. Thanks for reading. Go Brewers, in Millwakee.