WWE Smackdown Doomed on My Network TV?

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IFebruary 14, 2017

Ahh Friday Night Smackdown. It has had its ups and down, but she has always been there to make our Friday nights a little brighter. Once again, she is in trouble. Smackdown is moving networks this Friday and I’m a little concerned about how everything is going to work out.  

If ratings weren’t bad enough on "The CW" SD! is moving to a new network that some people in the United States don't even have. Smackdown in the past few months has been been putting on great shows in my opinion with the likes of Triple H, Shelton Benjamin, Jeff Hardy, and MVP all putting on enjoyable two hours of entertainment and still SD! will get its usual 2.4 or 2.7 weekly rating and that was on the CW!

I will be waiting in the wings next Saturday to see how Smackdown's "All Star Kickoff" does in the ratings. I don't expect anything better than the usual and it wouldn't surprise me to see something around a 2.2.

I'm sure SD!'s viewership will take a blow with its move to My Network T.V. and I'm sure the "superstars" of Smackdown will still be putting on the same great shows they always do to get people watching, but what is the real problem?

Is it because it is airing on Fridays when most people are out doing things with friends? Or maybe it is because the constant switching of channels Smackdown has been doing over the past few years? Or is it because its taped and people can get the spoilers on the internet and then have no reason to tune in on Friday?

I can answer that question actually. Or at least give you one anwser. Would you like to know a little secret? I haven't watched Smackdown in about three weeks. Why? I'm out doing things with my friends and having a "social life." Like this Friday I'm going to my school's football game and then to a friend's birthday party. So I will miss Smackdown this Friday. Friday. There is your answer my friends.

People don't want to watch SD! because by the time it is on the air people are ready to get out and begin their weekend and don't want to be stuck in their homes watching television. Or at least that is how I have always seen it and I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way. Is there a solution?

You could move Smackdown back to Thursday nights? I remember watching SD! on the old "UPN" Channel on Thursday night's and I always had time to watch it then. Maybe that is just me, but the WWE better be thinking about ways to get people watching on Fridays or this move to "My Network TV" might not end to well.

I see SD! having a rocky start on "My Network TV" them maybe smoothing back out around Wrestlemania time. That is if WWE can find a way to make Smackdown better and figure out what it needs to get out of this rating rut it is been in for several years.

Smackdown should be their main priority right now and I'm sure it is. So maybe WWE is already making planes to change SD! for the better. I sure hope there doing something up there in Conneticuit.

My suggestion? Do whatever it takes to get it out of the Friday "Nightmare" time slot, but then again I'm sure everyone has a different idea on how Smackdown could be better and get more viewers.

Let see those comments. I want to know what you think about all of this.