WWE Power Rankings: Top 10 Most Despicable Storylines Ever

Iqbal Siraj@IqzyContributor IIMarch 27, 2011

WWE Power Rankings: Top 10 Most Despicable Storylines Ever

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    WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. They transformed wrestling into a world wide phenomenon called sports entertainment.

    But with all success comes downfalls. These downfalls include despicable storylines which either made us cringe, or made the media attack the company, because the world sees them as a wrestling company and not a sports entertainment organization, even if those stories are classified as such.

    These have included someone having sex with a dead person and a pensioner giving birth to a hand, among others. Exactly, what were they thinking?

    So read on to see the top 10 most despicable storylines ever in WWE.

10: Kurt Angle's Fetish with Booker T's Wife Sharmell

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    I can't think of a more distasteful angle WWE did in 2005. Kurt Angle and Booker T cost each other title shots in a 4-way match and started a rivalry. For some insane reason, WWE decided it would be a good idea for Angle to develop a sudden fetish for "gutter sluts" and begin sexually harassing and stalking Booker T's wife Sharmell (this was when they were both faces).

    It was unquestionably the darkest hour of Angle's WWE career, especially with the promos they had him do about wanting to have "beastly hottie" sex with Sharmell, and how she allegedly "fondled his privates." Then there was the heartwarming scene of him assaulting Booker while his wife looked on screaming and crying. Apparently there is absolutely no security in WWE arenas. I could easily rant and rave about this thing for an hour, but I'll sum up how awful it was in one sentence: it almost made DDP's stalker angle look GOOD (I will get to that later).

    How could WWE do this to one of the best wrestlers they have produced in years? He was getting good crowd reactions as a face, and suddenly they decide to make him a pervert and a stalker? Seriously, that is the best WWE could come up with for Angle?

    Bad enough they made him a laughing stock with the milk thing, then they took it too far with this perverted angle (no pun intended). Angle, I believe, is in a retirement home in Florida still busting his ass to provide excellent matches, I guess this storyline did not affect him much, but as I said before, was his darkest hour by far. 

9: DDP: Stalker

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    Could they have possibly come up with a worse way to use DDP? A lot of people don't remember how good he was. That guy was a man's man. He got into wrestling in his late 30's, which is practically impossible given how tough the training was (considering the program at the WCW Powerplant), worked his ass off...then they made him a crazy stalker who was videotaping Undertaker's wife?

    Even worse, he was never made to look like a big threat to 'Taker in the ring. Instead, he got the crap beat out of him for most of the feud. Then they buried him (And no, I do not believe the Invasion storyline was the worst angle of '01. Even if it was toothless and poorly executed, it still generated interest and brought some new, badly needed talent to the roster. In the long run, the good far outweighed the bad).

    For me this was despicable, having one of the most charismatic, popular people's champions of WCW come in and become a stalker? Really? And his career did go down as his WWE run progressed, and it was sad to see such a quality wrestler being used for a disgusting storyline like that.

8: Kane and Lita: Marriage Made in Hell, Storyline Should Have Stayed in Hell.

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    One of the most unconvincing storylines ever. And it was way too long.

    Spring 2004: Kane falls in love with Lita, but not vice versa. Kane takes it out on Matt Hardy. Lita has sex with Kane so he won't kill her boyfriend. Kane beats him at SummerSlam with a stipulation that the winner marries Lita. (Honestly, WTF?) The marriage happens, with Lita portraying the exploited pregnant woman. Terrific. Then along comes Gene Snitsky, who "kills" Lita's baby (again, WTF?).

    Both Kane and Lita turn face and the angle loses all credibility. Kane is out for a while, then comes back and takes revenge on Snitsky. Then he and Lita remain happily married for some reason until summer '05, when she betrays him and marries Edge instead. I mean come on, Snitsky killing a baby? Shouldn't the police get involved? No, apparently not. That was one year that RAW would never get back.

7: Vince Is Dead? Suddenly Alive the Next Week?

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    You guys may already know my thoughts on this one. I judge bad storylines not just by their silliness or their poor taste; I also judge how bad a storyline is by how much B.S. WWE has to shovel on the fans just to keep it going. And in those terms, I think Vince's "death" tipped the scales for 2007. (Though his illegitimate son was a close second, but not considered for this power ranking).

    The limo explosion was a surprise, sure. Nobody saw it coming. But after the initial shock value, there was really nowhere for the story to go, except to a future revelation that Vince was alive after all. And pretty much every WWE fan over 12 knew it was already fake.

    So why should they care about the silly "press conferences" and "federal investigations?" I call this a crisis of believability, which will always cripple a storyline. The premise was so ridiculous that WWE was just kidding itself the entire time. Worst of all were the testimonials to Vince's memory by various superstars, very similar to the ones given for Eddie Guerrero. Except that, you know...Eddie actually died. 

    I stopped watching after a few weeks of this; I found it that insulting. They brought it to an abrupt end after the Benoit tragedy and pretended it had never happened (And had they kept it going after that, I would have quit watching for MUCH longer). It was disrespectful to the wrestlers that had died, disrespectful to the wrestlers not having a storyline themselves and to actually go through fake emotions to make it look real was disgusting.

    Vince, when you do really die, I hope we actually believe the eulogy for that one.

6: Exploitation of Eddie Guerrero's Death

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    Eddie Guerrero (RIP) was one of the finest wrestlers ever. His charisma, wrestling ability and the character he portrayed was unique because he did it in his own way. People loved him when he was heel, and loved him when he was face. And when he won the WWE Title for the first time, the emotions running through him were shared by all of the fans who were behind him since day one.

    He shared in one of the best moments in Wrestlemania history when Chris Benoit won the World Heavyweight Title for his first time (officially). The two best friends stood in the ring with their respective titles and emotions running wild among them and the fans.

    On November 13, 2005, we heard Eddie Guerrero passed away, a very sad day in pro wrestling history. And WWE RAW's tribute to Latino Heat I am sure nearly made everyone watching it have a tear in their eye, seeing wrestlers showing their true emotions for the man they called their friend.

    Now we should let him be, but no, WWE wanted to exploit his death to make money, just like how Tupac is constantly releasing songs even though he is dead. They gave Rey Mysterio the World Title because of his association with Eddie Guerrero, yet his own nephew, Chavo, does not get recognition and apparently becomes jealous of Mysterio, even though he himself should have been given a push more than anything.

    Then WWE brings out more things about Eddie, to give heels cheap heat, such as JBL mocking Guerrero when he faced Rey by doing his taunts, and Randy Orton dissing Eddie during his feud with Rey. It was a sad time, and these storylines actually made Eddie's death look cheap. Heartless.

5: Lunchtime Suicide

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    Tim White was a former WWE referee who injured his shoulder during a Hell in a Cell match. White was forced to retire after returning for WrestleMania XX, only to injure his shoulder once again.

    Tim White then opened a bar in Rhode Island, and WWE had segments with him where he kept rambling on about the injuries ruining his life, and how he wants to kill himself because life was not worth living. This was labelled as "Lunchtime Suicide."

    The segments involved Josh Matthews interviewing him, and every segment involved him trying to commit suicide, but a week later we see him again showing us that he was unsuccessful but he will attempt it again. He would attempt to shoot himself one day, the week later he would attempt to drink a green liquid labelled as "mad cow disease" and was unsuccessful again. The attempts were becoming more and more ridiculous.

    In the last of those segments, Tim White did pull the trigger, but ended up shooting Josh Matthews instead, who was used sparingly after this until he was used regularly for ECW.

    I mean, if he was attempting to kill himself, wouldn't you call the authorities? Check up on him? And guess what? All this happened a month after Eddie Guerrero's death. Enough said.

4: Undertaker's Satanic Persona: Did It Go Too Far?

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    Undertaker in the Attitude Era was cast as a satanic demon coming to sacrifice all that get in his way.

    He had his brood which consisted of Gangrel, Edge, Christian and Mideon who had helped him on his quest. But what was disgusting, as you can see from the pic, is that the sacrifices were cringe worthy, and was too much for sports entertainment.

    He used to have wrestlers put on a cross and hung above the arena. But it went too far when he faced Big Boss Man in a Hell in a Cell match. After Big Boss Man had lost, the Brood climbed down the cage, and went on to hang Big Boss Man, with viewers and the crowd shocked and presuming that he is dead, and this was LIVE! 

    I am all for controversial storylines, but this scene was hard to watch, and although it showed the toughness of the demonic Undertaker, it went too far with all the sacrifices. 

3: Terrorist Storyline with Muhammad Hassan

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    Who can forget Muhammad Hassan? His entrance music hits, Allliyalliyaleyaleyiiiii, and the crowd goes wild. Not wild in excitement, but wild in boos and jeers. The guy was a heat magnet, and his character was so well portrayed that even though an American was playing this character, the crowd was so into his character they did not notice.

    His messages about how the media think he is a terrorist, and the way that even heels hated him showed just how good of a wrestler he was in his short tenure.

    Then came his angle with The Undertaker. He started showing a terrorist mentality, in order to manipulate others. With SmackDown filmed on a Tuesday, they filmed a segment involving Daivari losing against The Undertaker, and Muhammad Hassan praying on the ramp with men coming out dressed in camo and ski masks, who choked out Undertaker and carried Daivari to the back. Three days later, the London bombings happened, and without enough time to edit (which was apparently their excuse), they showed it uncensored on that day and it attracted international criticism.

    And a week later they took Muhammad Hassan off television, even though the man himself had no control over all this, and released him a month later. If Europe and Australia managed to take off the episode on the day of the bombings, why couldn't USA and Canada? 

    The storyline was stupid to start off with, and releasing a wrestler who played one of the best heels in WWE history for no fault of his own was disgusting and deserves to be in the top three despicable storylines ever.

2: Mae Young Gives Birth to a Hand

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    I heartily applaud Mark Henry for not giving up on wrestling after this angle and hiding in some dark corner for the rest of his life. Granted, everything Mae Young did in her later (much, MUCH later) career in WWE was pretty gross, but even by those standards the Henry/Young thing stood out.

    Short synopsis, for those who have blocked it out of their memories: Henry and Young started dating in an euuuw, ergh, (vomit) type storyline. Then Young announced she was pregnant and it got even ickier. I mean come on, Mark Henry, the Sexual Chocolate, going for Mae Young. Bins out please, the next thing will make you cringe.

    Mae Young was in the hospital, and what does she give birth to? She gave birth to nothing but a bloody hand, reaching unexplored depths of ickiness. This had to be one of the most stupid and disgusting storylines ever. What were the writers thinking? 

1: Katie Vick: Necrophilia Storyline

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    Hopefully this is not a surprise to anyone. The number one most despicable storyline ever in the WWE, and what characterized WWE's controversial moments in an instant, was the Katie Vick storyline involving Kane, HHH and a mannequin. Bad idea, horrible execution.

    Ace attorney Triple H began arguing the case that Kane had murdered a former girlfriend ten years prior (which might have worked earlier in Kane's career, but he was now rather warm and fuzzy by comparison). Triple H surmised that the girl was dead because Kane had been driving drunk with her in the passenger's seat and crashed his car—and that Kane had also had sex with her corpse.

    The evidence he gathered to support this was rather questionable; the main piece was some video footage of "Kane" (clearly Triple H in disguise) walking into a funeral parlor, stripping, climbing into a casket, and humping a female mannequin lying inside.

    Then Triple H brought the mannequin live to RAW and performed a ventriloquist act with it about Kane's "burnt little wiener" (as if anyone still believed Kane was burned by this point). Then Kane threw Triple H in the back of his car and drove off into the night, allegedly to "screw him." Kane's buddy The Hurricane also responded with some footage of people getting enemas while wearing Triple H masks. Finally, Triple H and Kane settled this epic rivalry with a casket match (Katie Vick mannequin and all). 

    So that was murder, drunk driving, "semen," necrophilia, burnt little wieners, mannequins, possible homosexuality, enemas and 2002-2004 Triple H, all combined. None of these elements belong in professional wrestling storylines even by themselves (with the possible exception of a serious gay angle, which WWE will never ever do). All of them put together, plus Triple H's own comments on the ordeal, easily make Katie Vick the most awful and despicable storyline ever in WWE history.

Honorable Mentions: Rey-Eddie-Dominick, God-HBK-Vince and More.....

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    Some deserve some honorable mentions.

    Rey vs Eddie: Custody of Dominick

    Rey Mysterio's son Dominick was involved in a storyline where Eddie Guerrero comes out to say he is the real father and Rey has just been caring for him. Then Dominick was ringside for every one of their matches, and although Dominick knew he was part of a storyline, it is too much to put a little kid through that. It is really uncomfortable to watch real life members of the wrestler's family involved (as in non-wrestlers) and when a kid is in the mix and being told that someone else could be the father and he will battle his other father for custody was plain wrong and a real downfall moment in both their legendary careers.

    HBK and God vs Vince & Shane McMahon

    It has been widely known for years that Shawn Michaels is a born again Christian. In 2006 a storyline began where Vince McMahon would mock HBK's beliefs. The envelope was pushed on this storyline to the point where WWE.com wrote an article hyping an HBK/Shane McMahon match which deliberately referred to Vince McMahon as God and Shane McMahon as Jesus Christ. If that wasn't enough, a match was advertised for Backlash pitting the McMahons against HBK and God!! Exploiting HBK's faith was one bad thing, but for Vince to try to refer himself as God was distasteful.

    Other Honorable Mentions.

    The Edge/Lita/Matt Hardy love triangle was very harsh for all those involved, but especially Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy was with Lita, but she ended up dating Edge in real life. And to make matters worse, WWE put all three in a storyline so they can relive that. What were they thinking? Seriously? 

    And another that involved a real life issue? The CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy storyline. CM Punk constantly brought up real life issues about Jeff Hardy, who in an interview after his release showed his disgust at the storyline and how WWE treated his personal issues. Within that storyline, they showed him being attacked in a pyro incident, being attacked in a stairwell and brought up on TMZ and WWE.com as if it was real, and a car crash in order to make his life seem even worse. And when his house was up in flames, WWE thought they could exploit that also. Wow, WWE really did not know when to stop until Jeff actually decided enough was enough and went to TNA. Can you blame him? 

    We then have little ones such as Val Venis and Kai En Tai storyline where Val Venis showed Kai En Tai's manager Yamaguchi-San a pornographic video of Venis sleeping with Yamaguchi-San's wife. And to make matters worse, they punished Val Venis by stripping him naked and whipping him, and showed what looked like them using a samurai sword to chop off his penis.

    So there are the top 10 most despicable storylines ever in the WWE, and still to this day makes you think what twisted minds they must have had to think of things like that!