WWE Wrestlemania 27: 10 Questions Fans Want Answered

Pav MandairCorrespondent IMarch 26, 2011

WWE Wrestlemania 27: 10 Questions Fans Want Answered

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    As the Wrestlemania train finally stops in Georgia, the IWC will have a lot of questions that they will want answered. Sometimes you can leave a pay-per-view event with more questions than answers. But this is Wrestlemania right? Surely we deserve our answers on "The grandest stage of them all?"

    I've asked a couple of questions already, yet they were only on the introduction. Seems like WrestleMania fever is at full throttle. With the guest host being The Rock, we're sure he will be saying, "Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?"

    But that is not one of the key (you guessed it) 10 questions. There's always a surprise or two at Wrestlemania that will make us ask (you guessed it) more questions. However, before those can spring on us, I'm sure we have already mentally collated our own, with the number of (you guessed it) questions getting longer as the amount of days left get shorter. With a plethora of legends making their returns, along with them come a series of questions.

    Speaking of questions, what are they?

Is the Change of WWE to EMM on the WWE Title Signs of a Long Reign for the Miz?

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    In Pittsburgh this past Monday, we all saw the unveiling of the revised WWE or rather EMM Championship logo. It may not have been as alluring as recent title makeovers have been, but more like a 3D version of a WWE logo on Photoshop. But the precedent was set to show that the WWE really mass markets, The Miz as the eclipsing benchmarking epitome in the WWE. Going into the biggest show of the year, it is primarily themed as the second coming of an array of big names.  

    You can see that the WWE doesn't want them to overshadow the stars of today, after all, they are the personnel that will be generating revenue long term, so you can see WWE implementing this measure to ensure he is held in the same regard as these legends, especially with the role he has to fulfil on the card.

    Therefore it begs, are WWE bracing themselves to maintain The Miz in the top position, after all, if these legends are not around after Mania, bar the Tough Enough trio, they will need someone to help carry the flag. Perhaps, WWE are sticking with a time tested method in John Cena, therefore this could result in the alternative outcome at Wrestlemania. With stock levels plummeting recently, the cash cow of the WWE may just be the tonic Vince McMahon needs to sweeten the outlook from his array of shareholders.

    Maybe the cash cow method may be seen with The Miz with the revised WWE Championship on WWEShop.com very soon, in a similar way to how John Cena, with his new WWE Championship being pushed after Wrestlemania 21.

    Either way, Wrestlemania 27 will be a poignant showing in seeing the direction WWE embarks with The Miz.

If the Undertaker Doesn’t Do His Infamous Jump, Is His Curtain Call Impending?

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    Now before everyone goes up in arms and cites me prioritizing a spot over the outcome of this match, review this carefully. For as long as we can remember, The Undertaker has infamously jumped over the top rope onto his opponent (at one point a cameraman) at Wrestlemania. He tried last year, but Shawn Michaels thwarted it, you'd consider that one, but considering it happened two years in a row; you wonder if you'll ever see a big spot from The Undertaker ever again.

    His ring time has been distinctly scaled down recently, and for fans in Europe, they will be disappointed he is not be returning next month. The fact is that he hasn’t performed since last October, which is a poignant factor that we are no longer seeing the maximum of The Undertaker that we are not used to.  Therefore, if he does not do his signature move this year, are we preparing for a lot more of a scaled down Undertaker?

    They say it’s the little things that make the big things. Never has that been apparent more than with The Undertaker from his entrance to his actions in the ring. Would you rather see a scaled down Undertaker to see him perform for longer, after all, you’ll only see him live at TV tapings and PPVs, or would you like to see him retire (streak intact), in all his glory while he still can perform big spots?

Is Christian Still a Bridesmaid or Is He Finally the Bride?

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    Not even in his push before leaving the company in 2005 has Christian been frequently featured in the main event as he has been in the last few weeks. With speculation that he is to be added to the main event are we finally going to be seeing Christian where most regard as his rightful position at the top of the card? Christian has a cult following that many performers do not have in modern society, where technology helps fans connect. Therefore, it would be a moment that fans would genuinely want to see and actually pay for in a poor economic climate.

    So, whether it is at Wrestlemania or he receives the rub for a push after Wrestlemania. Is Christian edging towards the main event or is he just edging towards being Edge’s bridesmaid as he faces Alberto Del Rio?

    The IWC got what they wanted for a long time with The Rock’s return, will they get their coveted Christian push too?

Have WWE Brought in Snooki to Boost Ratings or Counteract TNA's Jersey Duo?

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    As you all know ,the Jersey Shore cast have been ever present in the wrestling industry in the past couple of months. Mainly in TNA, no doubt they are publicity stunts, but are WWE’s involvement with Snooki a ratings measure too? If Snooki is given sufficient spotlight or makes at least one appearance after Wrestlemania, we can safely say that WWE have utilized her very boldly, and will have been a bold decision.

    This may not go down too well in Orlando if WWE has been able to make an impact (no pun intended) with one Jersey Shore star than TNA has with two. If so, looks like Snooki didn’t need a catfight to score points against Angelina. IT’S RING ATTIRE TIME!!!

What Brand Is Sin Cara On?

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    We have seen the promos week after week, but just where is Sin Cara going to show up, USA or SyFy?

    If Alberto Del Rio wins the world title, you can see him heading to Raw so he does not overshadow another Mexican. However, if Rey Mysterio loses, it may indicate fears about his rumoured departure; therefore, he can easily slot in on SyFy. Either way, WWE needs to find the right people for Sin Cara to work with in order for him to make as big of an impact as his Mexican counterparts.

Can Wrestlemania Make an Impact Without Money in the Bank?

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    When money in the bank evolved into a pay-per-view last summer, there was speculation about whether the format would remain at the grandest stage of them all. Ever since 2005, it has been a staple in the Wrestlemania card and provided a plethora of thrills, and more importantly, the breakout of a lot of stars.

    However, without any briefcase hanging from the Georgia Dome this year, will its loss become evidently significant?

Have the UK and Irish Contingent Been Firmly Placed at Mid Card?

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    A year ago, the trio of Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre and Sheamus, were firmly locked into high positions in the company and destined for prosperity. However, a year after Drew McIntyre had been tipped for the World title, Wade Barrett being about to go into a top spot on Raw and Sheamus headlining with Triple H, two are at mid card and Drew McIntyre isn’t on the card.

    With Sheamus being mooted to face Triple H and Wade Barrett scheduled to engage in a program with The Undertaker, but now being placed at mid card, does this mean the end of the pushes of this UK and Irish trio? Their impact and the way they are booked at Wrestlemania could go a long way to the answer to this.

Is This the End of the New Nexus?

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    It is clearly evident that all members have been written off television; however, if this feud continues beyond Wrestlemania, who's to say some may not return improved? Although this hasn’t made the impact as the original Nexus, CM Punk has been able to elevate himself via “The New Nexus.” Therefore, without any members at Wrestlemania, it looks like it is finally over. However, if CM Punk is booked to win at Wrestlemania, it is likely the feud will continue, hence the possible slow gradual return of Nexus members to keep the feud interesting.

    However, if Randy Orton triumphs with the feud concluding, it’s safe to say that creative is looking at other alternatives to breed new stars.

Are the Current Divas Not Good Enough?

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    Looking at the female talent performing at Wrestlemania, Lay-Cool aside, you have Vickie Guerrero on the card with Snooki and Trish Stratus performing. With reports surfacing that Snooki has backstage heat from the divas from “stealing their spot” after tumultuous year round work, you can emphasize with the divas. However, does this evidently show the depth of the divas division? If only Lay-Cool are the only two divas performing, does this show how poor the division has become? This may perhaps even show a lack of talent in FCW for that matter.

    The reasons for both Trish Stratus and Snooki’s involvement are clearly evident with Trish promoting Tough Enough, which is also why Stone Cold is the special guest referee in the Michael Cole vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler match. With Snooki’s involvement a measure that serves the same interest as past celebrity involvement. However, despite this, wouldn’t the divas feel that the fact Trish Stratus hasn’t been limited to a role similar to Stone Cold’s is because creative feel they must not be good enough to help carry Snooki through the match?

    After all, she is the only legend returning that is performing. That must be an extra twist of the knife for the divas beyond Wrestlemania. Hmm.

And Finally, the Answer the Millions Want to Know, Is the Rock Back for Good?

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    When the Brahma Bull finally returned in Anaheim on Valentine’s Day, no one thought about the longevity throughout that promo and his pulsating entrance. The fact The Rock was back was enough, everything else was too much to ask after this long. But after the curtain closed for Raw on Valentine’s Day, and everyone rushed to their electronic equipment in the form of phones and computers to discuss the return of “the most electrifying man in all of entertainment,” the question did beg.

    By going straight into a feud with John Cena, who was already booked on the card, as well as his announcement as guest host, it was clear he wouldn’t be performing. So when the dust settles in Atlanta, and the WWE heads for the Phillips Arena the next night, the millions will be wondering whether The Rock will be riding with them, and if he is, this time will it be in the ring?

    His participation in Atlanta will significantly show that. I’m sure right now if I had to ask you if there was only one WrestleMania moment you want on Sunday April 3rd 2011, it is The Rock announcing to the millions his return.

Over to You...

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    So here are 10 questions that will be ever present throughout the four hour extravaganza. So has the WrestleMania fever caught me so virally that I forgot some questions? If so, then feel free to bring them forward.

    Do you already know the answers?

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