WWE Wrestlemania 27: Power Ranking the Hottest Divas in WWE

Justin YoungAnalyst IMarch 26, 2011

WWE Wrestlemania 27: Power Ranking the Hottest Divas in WWE

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    With Wrestlemania XXVII coming up, and the induction of the original diva, Sunny, into the WWE Hall of Fame, what better than to rank the hottest divas in the company today?

    My rankings will be based on both beauty and in-ring performance.

    Only current Divas are involved.

14. Kaitlyn

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    Kaitlyn got her start by taking Aloisia's spot in NXT season three, where her pro, Vickie Guerrero, mentored her to a win. The fitness model no doubt has the looks, but unfortunately, has little ring experience in the WWE. Her first match took place in late January, where she and Kelly Kelly fell to Team Lay-Cool.

    I'm a little surprised that she hasn't gotten a little more airtime, but look for her to get her breakout moment in the coming months.

13. Tamina

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    Santino's latest squeeze is the next in my rankings. The daughter of "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka may not have had a lot of in-ring action as of late, but when she entered the WWE, she made a huge statement. She began her time in the company associated with the Usos, also coming from a wrestling legacy (sons of Rikishi, part of the Anoa'i wrestling family). They made their debut attacking then-WWE Tag Team champions, The Hart Dynasty, with all three laying out Smith, Kidd and Natalya with top-rope splashes.

    Like Kaitlyn, Tamina doesn't have a lot of experience, but she has more than the NXT winner, especially against the Harts. Lately though, she has been nothing more than arm candy for the Milan Miracle, but that should change very soon. Can't let that legendary heritage go to waste, now can we?

12. Rosa Mendes

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    The artist formerly known as Beth Phoenix's No. 1 fan got her start in the 2006 Diva Search, where she finished in the top eight before she got her start in development. Like Beth's main squeeze at the time, Santino Marella, Mendes broke onto the scene as an audience member who had a chance to get involved. After being hired as an intern, she gained a little experience by teaming with Phoenix, being a part of the "Miss Wrestlemania" battle royal in 2009, and facing the likes of Mickie James before she was sent to ECW to be with Zack Ryder.

    As of late though, her role in WWE has been more managerial and full of backstage segments, including her slammy-winning shake-weight demonstration.

11. Alicia Fox

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    The first Divas champion to highlight this list, Alicia Fox, got her start as the wedding planner for Edge and Vickie Guerrero in 2008. After the wedding went a little south with the revelation of her and Edge's kiss, she quietly left television for a while before resurfacing on ECW where she got her first taste of in-ring action with Katie Lea Burchill and Natalya.

    After being sent to Smackdown via the Supplemental Draft in 2009, she began teaming with Michelle McCool, and was traded to Raw within weeks, where she was featured in numerous tag team matches, before getting her chances to compete for the Divas Title. After unsuccessful shots against Mickie James and Melina, she was entered into a tournament to crown a new champion, but once again lost, this time to former Women's Champ Gail Kim.

    2010 became the "Year of the Fox," as Alicia finally won the Divas Championship defeating Kim, Eve Torres and Maryse. She would hold the title for two months, losing it to Melina. While she hasn't done a lot in the ring as of late, she was Maxine's Pro for NXT season three, and has been featured in Divas tag matches on occasion.

10. The Bella Twins

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    I got two words for ya (no, it's not that)...Twin Magic.

    The Bella Twins, known for their switcheroo (also see Basham Brothers), began with just Brie Bella, but when Brie would roll under the ring and emerge appearing fully energized, something had to be up. As it turned out, we were right. A second pair of legs was seen kicking under the ring when Victoria tried to halt Brie's attempts, and that night, the Bella Twins had officially arrived.

    The sisters started out on ECW, managing Primo and Carlito, before the team of Miz and Morrison threatened their bond of sisterhood. In the end, Brie chose to stay with the Colons, while Nikki left with the Dirt Sheet Duo. Both would be drafted to Raw, reunite, and move back and forth between ECW and Raw, where they became known for hanging out with the guest hosts, becoming Pros for NXT Season season three and eventually pursuing Daniel Bryan.

    They went back to their evil ways recently with Daniel Bryan's relationship with Gail Kim in the open, and even had a shot at Eve's Divas Title, but a failed "Twin Magic" kept Nikki from claiming the prize. Look for these bombshells to have some involvement in Bryan's rematch against Sheamus at Wrestlemania.

9. Gail Kim

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    Quite the coincidence that Gail Kim follows the Bellas in the rankings. The girlfriend of the American Dragon was known for her debut, in which she won the vacant Women's Championship and held the belt for a month. After feuding with some of the top divas like Trish, Victoria and Molly Holly, she was released by WWE, only to jump to TNA, where she became their Women's Champion and feuded with former WWE divas Jacqueline Moore and Jackie Gayda.

    After her TNA contract expired, she signed once again with WWE, getting back into the title picture. But she failed on two different occasions. She then was featured in tag matches with Divas like Maryse and Eve before being involved in the angle with Bryan and the Bellas. Like Brie and Nikki, I expect Gail to play a large part in the U.S. Championship match in Atlanta.

8. Beth Phoenix

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    Next on the list is probably the strongest woman in the WWE today, the Glamazon. Making her debut as an enemy of then-psychotic stalker Mickie James, she sided with Trish Stratus in her fight to stop the obsessed woman. She didn't get too much action that year, as she suffered injuries that would sideline her for months until she returned as a heel and becoming the most dominant diva of that time. It seemed to work, as she captured her first Women's Title from Candice Michelle, and held it for about nine months before losing it to Mickie James.

    She then got back into the big spotlight by hooking up with Santino Marella after a series of challenges by the former Intercontinental Champ to anyone in the locker room. Because of this odd teaming, both once again held gold, as they defeated Kofi Kingston and Mickie James to win the Women's and IC titles.

    Not long after they split, she moved to Smackdown and became only the second woman to enter a Royal Rumble where she shocked the world by eliminating The Great Khali. She would then go on to feud with Vickie and Lay-Cool, before injuring herself again and sitting out until Survivor Series last year where Natalya and herself defeated Lay-Cool in a women's tag team table match.

7. Layla

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    The former Miami Heat dancer and Diva Search contestant got her start on ECW, where she, Kelly Kelly and Brooke (TNA's Miss Tessmacher) became the trio known as Extreme Expose, known for their risque dancing. Following the group's split, she became the manager for fellow Brit William Regal, managing him to an Intercontinental reign before being drafted to Smackdown.

    Once she arrived on Friday nights, she teamed with Michelle McCool to form Lay-Cool, and from that union, Layla finally tasted gold when she pinned Beth Phoenix to become the new Women's Champion and the first Diva Search contestant to win gold, although the two called themselves the co-champions.

    During this reign, she and Michelle mentored Kaval to an NXT win, although he didn't last very long afterward. Layla then went down in history as the final Women's Champion, as the Women's and Divas titles were unified in September of 2010.

    Layla is one of the few Divas in WWE today who can be sexy and kick some butt in the ring as well, and she deserves her high spot on the list.

6. Eve Torres

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    Without a doubt, one of the sexiest women in wrestling today, Eve Torres is the current Divas Champion, and one of only a handful to win the belt twice.

    Another Diva Search alumni, she began her career in various contests on Smackdown before getting her chance to shine in feuds with Layla and Michelle McCool. It wasn't until she was sent to Raw that she finally got into the big picture, as she began managing Chris Masters before winning the Divas Title against Maryse in April 2010. She would lose the belt in a fatal four-way, and began to accompany R-Truth in his matches. She would then get another shot at the Divas belt, winning her second title at the Royal Rumble this year.

5. Natalya

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    The daughter of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, Natalya is easy on the eyes, and yet, can make any one of us tap out. She got her start with Smackdown, qualifying for the Divas Title, but ultimately lost to McCool. She then competed mainly in tag team action until appearing on ECW with Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith, forming the Hart Dynasty.

    She stayed a villain until Wrestlemania XXVI where she was one of numerous relatives that came to the ring for the Bret Hart/Mr. McMahon match, and it was there that she and the Dynasty turned face by attacking the chairman and assisting the family in punishing him for what he had put her uncle through years ago. Shortly after, she managed the Dynasty to a Tag Team title and was featured in mixed tag action against Tamina and the Usos.

    After the loss of the tag belts, Natalya qualified for the Divas belt, and began feuding with Lay-Cool, only to win two title matches by DQ. But finally, at Survivor Series 2010, she got her hands on both divas and won the Divas Title, bringing more gold to the Hart family. She would lose her title at the Royal Rumble to Eve in a fatal four-way.

    I see more butterfly belts for this multi-generational superstar in the future.

4. Melina

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    The multi-time Women's and Divas Champion made her big break as the manager for MNM and was known for her stunning ring entrance, in which she does the splits and slides under the bottom rope. But the Paparazzi Princess didn't just have the looks, she had the muscle as well, as seen from her bouts against Mickie James, Michelle McCool and Beth Phoenix.

    Her fierce competitiveness gives her a high spot on my rankings, and as one of the most decorated divas of the PG-era, she belongs in the elite class of WWE Divas.

3. Kelly Kelly

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    The girl so nice they named her twice.

    The former ECW bombshell made her start as the exhibitionist that made all guys wanna tune in on Tuesday nights, but was placed into mixed tag team matches while in the Land of Extreme.

    With her move to Raw in 2008, she began getting more involved in singles and tag action, but has only received a couple of shots at the Divas Title while engaging in minor feuds and story-lines. But with her recent move to Smackdown, she has become more involved in battles with Lay-Cool, and more notably, Vickie Guerrero.

    WWE, I have got to know, when will we finally see Kelly Kelly with that big purple butterfly around her waist?

2 Maryse

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    In my opinion, the sexiest Diva in the WWE right now.

    Yet another Diva Search contestant, Ouellet made her debut in 2008 with a series of steamy vignettes that led to her introduction as a snobbish villain. She would make her start with swimsuit contests and ultimately replace Cherry as the manager of Deuce and Domino. In the following weeks, she would compete in tag matches and feud with McCool, before winning the Divas title in December.

    After being traded to Raw as part of the 2009 draft, she had major feuds with Mickie James, Eve and Melina. But it wasn't until June 2010 when she started her current role, that of Ted DiBiase's personal assistant, although she looks to be getting sick of his losing ways.

    Now the co-host of NXT, she hasn't been featured in many matches, but hopefully with the revival of Tough Enough, she can get back in the squared circle and hypnotize us all again.

1. Michelle McCool

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    There's a reason why she was PWI's No. 1 female in 2010, as well as WWE's Diva of the Year, and I'm pretty sure it's not because of her marriage.

    Michelle McCool tops my list because not only is she hot, but she is, without a doubt, the best female wrestler in the WWE today.

    Following her time in the Diva Search, McCool was featured very little until she began to bring her former job into her current one, adopting a gimmick as a teacher. While she wasn't given many opportunities in the ring, she was a valet for "Teacher's Pets," and helped them to a Tag Title match, although they fell to Brian Kendrick and Paul London.

    Following an injury, she was in a series of matches to determine the top diva on Smackdown, which she would win. In July of 2008, she would beat Natalya to be crowned WWE's first Divas Champion.

    After winning her second title, she teamed up with Layla to form Lay-Cool (see Layla slide; I won't go over all of it again), and become the dominant divas in WWE. She would also become the first Unified Divas Champ, defeating Melina to unify the Women's and Divas belts.

    In conclusion, Undertaker, you are one lucky man.


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    Well, those are my personal rankings of the hottest Divas today, what do you think? Would you rank them differently, and if so, how?

    Leave all comments below, and thank you for reading.