Dr. Brett SchmitzCorrespondent IOctober 2, 2008

After dropping a throw to him covering first base Rickie Weeks should be fearing for his job.  If the Brewers have not thought about tossing this clown down to double A or even single A by now, they should really start reconsidering.  There is a reason the Brewers made it to the playoffs.  Suevm had enough common sense to take someone batting .222 out of the lead off spot and that has helped produce a couple extra runs.  He also stopped playing Rickie every day. 

This is why I was so surprised to see him starting the game on Wednesday.  Rickie has no business starting a playoff game.  Ray Durham should be the starter. 

I'm just saying Rickie is "suppose" to be a "professional" baseball player.  This is all he does.  This is his life.  And you are telling me he can't catch a ball thrown to him from the other side of the pitchers mound to first base? 

BOTTOM LINE.  Rickie Weeks is a JOKE!  He should not start any more games this season and the Milwaukee Brewers should seriously consider either trading him or telling him to find another job as a professional dog walker.   I for one think he would probably drop the ball on that one too and probably lose my dog.