Gambling Tips..Guaranteed to help..not lose so much money!!

Rahsaan xContributor IOctober 2, 2008

How to win big Sports betting!!!! TIPS


This informative guide will not guarantee success gambling, nor will it give you an edge winning if you don’t support your bets with some research “aka” Homework for the big boys. These tips are written in no particular order of importance; however, all areas should be covered in order to see results when betting with real money.

Its so important to check the point spread as soon as it comes out, this way you can track it to see how much it changes from day-to-day, and this gives bettors the opportunity to do more research.  If the spread changes a ½ pt up and down from day-to-day then we figure that’s just to entice more bets. If the spread swings 1- 1 ½ pts from one day to the next, you may want to begin your investigation.  Check to see what kind of whether is expected for the game (indoor or outdoor).  Whether is a big factor in gambling, teams that travel are obviously affected by bad conditions but also home teams have to adjust to the climate. If you see that a team has to travel across the map to play a game and the city they either left from or landed in is experiencing bad whether believe me at some point the players were probably held up at the airport or hotel.

Just like Real Estate, with betting location is everything primetime, “we at home baby”.  Home teams have such an advantage, some teams have only success at home and rarely win on the road, and then there’s the Vice-Versa. (or Versa-Vice)  Some teams depending on there situation with there fans and community are more distracted at home in front of there own fans then they do playing in front of strangers.  Some teams are discouraged by there fans when they make one bad play or when players or staff make bad off-field/off-court decisions.  And some times use there home crowd to win games.  Some crowds know exactly when to make noise and distract and they know when to motivate and inspire there team to dig a little deeper

Other factors to take into consideration when placing a bet is good ole fashion Instinct.  Just like when taking a test you should stick with your gut feelings (this of course is not a hunch but a hypothesis) something you can support with reasoning.  Except for major differences in competition levels, your usually dealing with professionals and at anytime a team can turn it up and change there fate.  (just this season 08’ unknown, unranked, Oregon State beat #1 USC, Oregon was 18 ½  underdog and they went home celebrating)

Another contributor in deciding your bet on is “the injury report”.  A major injury to a star player could change everything, this could take the best team in the league to a losing streak you couldn’t believe,  I can go on about how important it is to know who’s injured, what’s the injury and who’s replacing that player.  Cause truly at the end of the day it’s a team game and if you don’t play like a team, a point spread won’t matter. I could write all day about gambling, but it’s taking away from me putting in my bets, so im out… Ill end this article with a famous line from my favorite gambling buddy….” Depend on the rabbit's foot if you will, but remember it didn't work for the rabbit”