WWE: Latest News on Next Week's Smackdown Tapings

Kevin StonebargerCorrespondent IIMarch 26, 2011

I'm normally not one for giving out breaking news as some of the others like Blake Oestricher, but I have come across some information that I feel the need to share to everyone since no one else has. So here's what I have learned.

As I'm sure nearly everyone on the site knows, there have been reports that WWE will not be taping Smackdown next week, as they will instead be heading to Atlanta for the Wrestlemania Axxess Weekend, and WWE will be using next week's Smackdown to highlight Axxess and hype up Wrestlemania with video packages and such.

Now, I'm sure everyone, including me, was outraged by this as WWE was giving up the final chance to build up the feuds for blue brand before the Grandest Stage of Them All, giving up a great opportunity to make an impression just before the Show of Shows and make it worth buying.

But, fear not, for we have been saved from such an event.

Several wrestling news websites have stated the despite initial reports, the Smackdown tapings will go on. The WWE Superstars and Divas will still be leaving after Monday for the Axxess Weekend, but...Smackdown will also be taped on Monday Night!

Reports have stated that immediately following Monday Night Raw next week, WWE will tape Smackdown for Friday Night.

This is a very smart move by WWE. They realized that they couldn't tape Smackdown on Tuesday, but also that they had to take every opportunity to hype up Wrestlemania 27 to the fullest, and that using Smackdown just for showing Axxess and video packages wasn't going to cut it.

The fans attending Monday Night Raw live will be in for a great double treat next week, as they will get to watch two WWE shows live in a row in one night. Talk about being oh so lucky.

WWE has finally, even for a brief time, has pulled their head out of their asses and are finally going to treat Smackdown right for the final week before Wrestlemania.

There is the possibility these reports could be wrong, but we will all have to wait until Monday to find out.