NCAA Tournament: Jimmer Is Dead, Long Live Jimmer, Florida Ends Fredette's Run

Perry ArnoldSenior Analyst IMarch 25, 2011

The End of Jimmer in the Sweet Sixteen
The End of Jimmer in the Sweet SixteenKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Florida Gators ended Jimmer Fredette's run in the NCAA Basketball Tourney.  There was no run by BYU because there was no BYU team, thanks to Jimmer.

Florida defeated Jimmer in overtime 83-74. 

The reason the game went into overtime was Jimmer. The reason Florida won the game in overtime was Jimmer.

For major segments of the game, Jimmer forgot that he had six teammates who had on blue and white uniforms and could make contributions to Jimmer continuing in the tournament.

In the overtime, Jimmer completely forgot he had teammates. He shot up three stupid bricks while not even looking for a pass. He turned the ball over three or four times (question the official scorer) in the overtime.

There was a team playing against Jimmer last night.

For the Gators, Alex Tyus scored 19 points and had 17 rebounds and two assists.

Chandler Parsons scored 16, had nine rebounds and seven assists. 

Vernon Macklin had nine points, five rebounds and three assists.

Kenny Boynton had 17 points and five assists.

Erving Walker had 16 points, six rebounds and five assists.

Playing against the great team effort of Florida, Jimmer tallied 32 points. But in doing so, he shot only 11-for-29 from the floor and 3-of-15 from three.  He scored seven points from the free-throw line.

The official line was Jimmer had five assists and six turnovers. He also had six or eight shots blocked. And he was credited with six turnovers. Some observers thought there were more turnovers for Jimmer than six.

The other guys playing in dark blue uniforms actually played very well. But Jimmer gave them too few opportunities to help.

He tried to dominate and he was frustrated throughout most of the game as he encountered really stiff defense, primarily at the hands of Kenny Boynton.

Jimmer, welcome to the NCAA where they play basketball. Ask John Wall whether he got bodied in the SEC last season.

Ask Scotty Hopson if he was mugged in the SEC. Ask Kemba Walker about playing in the Big East. Ask the Ohio State guards about playing in the Big Ten.

Analysts, including Colin Cowherd and other ESPN personalities, talked today about how disappointing the Jimmer show was last night, and among their consistent comments was Jimmer's abundance of bad shots and total lack of defense.

He led the nation in scoring. He led the nation in discussion of Player of the Year. And as Colin Cowherd pointed out today, most of all of that was hype.

When his team needed him most, he played a very bad game. He still got 32 and his team got beat.

Jimmer scored over 1,000 points this year.

A look at those NCAA players who have scored over 1,000 will show that such scoring is no guarantee of NBA success.

The last player to achieve those heights was Glenn Robinson of the 1994 Purdue team. He went on to play for more than 10 years in the NBA and scored over 14,000 points.

But Kevin Bradshaw scored 1,054 in 1991 for US International and never played in the NBA.

Bo Kimble had 1,131 at Loyola Marymount in 1990 and in four NBA years, he totaled 574 points.

Hank Gathers tragically died after scoring 1,015 for Loyola Marymount so no one will ever know what he could have done in the NBA.

Hersey Hawkins passed the millennium mark with Bradley in 1988 and played 12 years and scored almost 15,000 points at the next level.

Freeman Williams did the same for Portland in 1977 and in six seasons in the NBA, he averaged 14.7 points per game.

Bo Lamar went from scoring more than 1,000 for SW Louisiana-Lafayette in 1972 to playing four really mediocre years in the ABA and limited time with the Lakers.

Billy McGill scored 1,009 points in 1962 for Utah and rattled around the ABA and NBA for five years, never accomplishing anything noteworthy.

Then you have three great players who were incredibly successful in the pros: Frank Selvy, Oscar Robertson and Pete Maravich.

Selvy played with the great Laker teams of Jerry West and Elgin Baylor and scored more than 6,000 points and had more than 2,000 rebounds and more than 1,500 assists in the NBA.

Big O scored 26,710 points. Nuff said.

Pistol Pete scored 15,948 points in the NBA.

All you BYU and Jimmer fans out there, I am sorry. Jimmer ain't Frank Selvy, Oscar Robertson or Pete. He ain't even Bo Kimble.

For all you BYU and Jimmer fans, Long Live Jimmer.  For the rest of us, Jimmer is Dead in the NCAA.