NFL Trade Scenarios: Is Donovan McNabb Better for 49ers or Vikings

Trevor Lowry@@TheTrevorLowryContributor IMarch 30, 2011

NFL Trade Scenarios: Is Donovan McNabb Better for 49ers or Vikings

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    Ever since Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan benched QB Donovan McNabb last season, there has been a lot of speculation about where McNabb will play in 2011. 

    Although McNabb could get another chance with the Redskins, two likely teams he could end up playing for are the Minnesota Vikings and San Francisco 49ers. 

    However, one of these teams makes more sense for Donovan McNabb than the other. 

Pros for McNabb Playing for the Vikings

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    If Donovan McNabb goes to the Minnesota Vikings, he will be the starting quarterback for them right away. Although Tarvaris Jackson will most likely start for the Vikings next season, this would not be the case if McNabb was to join the team.

    If McNabb went to the Vikings he would be in good hands when it comes to support in the backfield. RB Adrian Peterson is arguably the best running back in the NFL. 

    Although he had his worst statistical season last year, Peterson still rushed for 1,298 yards and 12 touchdowns. 

    Other weapons that would be on McNabb's side are WR Sidney Rice and WR Percy Harvin. 

    Offensively, the Minnesota Vikings would be a perfect fit for McNabb. 

    Although the Vikings struggled last season, they still have a lot of great players on their team and with the right quarterback, they can be a contender once again. 

Cons for McNabb Playing for the Vikings

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    The Minnesota Vikings had a very disappointing season last year going 6-10, which was good enough for last place in the NFC North.

    McNabb is not getting any younger and the chances of him winning an NFL championship is getting smaller and smaller. 

    If the Vikings have a similar season to last year, McNabb will find his stay in Minnesota very short.

    The Vikings were 26th in the league last year in passing yards. 

    If the Vikings duplicate this in 2011, they will not hesitate to get rid of Donovan McNabb and replace him with a younger quarterback to take over the franchise. 

Pros for McNabb in San Francisco

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    If McNabb is traded to the 49ers, he will most likely be the starting quarterback. Alex and Troy Smith simply did not perform how the 49ers would have liked them to and a contract extension for either of them does not seem likely, unless if either one was brought back as a backup.

    Just like with the Vikings, McNabb would have a good backfield in RB Frank Gore and RB Brian Westbrook, however they only rushed for 1,193 yards combined last season. 

    McNabb would have great targets to throw to in San Francisco in WR Michael Crabtree and TE Vernon Davis. 

    Most importantly, the 49ers play in a very weak division, so the odds of McNabb making it to the playoffs with them would be very high. Having a .500 record in the NFC West would be good enough to win the division.

Cons for McNabb in San Francisco

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    Although the San Francisco 49ers have a lot of talent on their team, they are far from being a contender in the NFL. 

    Just like the Vikings, the 49ers finished 6-10 last season. Although Donovan McNabb would most likely be the starter for the 49ers, he would also most likely not lead them to any championships anytime soon. 

    The 49ers have an average defense and offense at best. Last year's statistics of 18th in the league in passing yards, 19th in rushing yards and 24th in opponent passing yards are proof of this.

    The one thing the 49ers do have going for them is their rush defense, where they were sixth in the league last season. 

    It would take Donovan McNabb a lot to make the 49ers a contender in the NFL. 

Bottom Line: Minnesota Vikings Make More Sense for Donovan McNabb

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    Donovan McNabb does not have a whole lot of time on his hands to prove that he can still compete in the NFL.

    For the time being, the Minnesota Vikings are a better team than the San Francisco 49ers.

    Although McNabb would most likely start for both teams, he would have more weapons on Minnesota. Not to mention, a better team overall.

    The Vikings finished in the top 10 in rushing yards, opponent rushing yards and opponent passing yards last season. However, they were 26th in the league when it came to passing yards. 

    If McNabb can put together a good season next year, he would complete the Minnesota Vikings. Therefore, the Minnesota Vikings would make more sense than the San Francisco 49ers for Donovan McNabb.