Toronto Maple Leafs Game Stats: A Few Good Things in Ugly Loss to St. Louis

Mark MakuchCorrespondent IOctober 2, 2008

The Good

One good line—Hagman plus-two, Mitchell plus-two, Grabovski plus-one (surprising to see positive plus-minus in a 7-3 loss).

One good goalie: The Pogge stopped 13 out of 14 shots

One very-improved stat—faceoffs. Steen 62 percent, Stajan 83 percent, Grabovksi 53 percent (this is progress).

One power-play goal allowed on eight chances—including 1:11 down two men.

The Ugly

No goals on six power-play chances, including 1:41 with a two-man advantage—hello?

Frogren and Mayers both minus-three on the night.  Eight hits by the two of them don't make up for that.

Six blocked shots?  That's it?

Cujo's save percentage of 50 percent.  That's a lotta rust!

10 players without a single hits.  That's not team toughness.

Robbie Earl spent 3:33 on the ice—enough to get to a minus-two on the night.  Hello, Marlies!

Seven penalties for Ryan Hollweg, including two boarding calls.  Is this guy going to be more trouble than he's worth?