Lions need to make a move....Call "The Big Buck"

Matt SearContributor IOctober 2, 2008

 Well,it's obvious the Detroit Lions need help.They have started to finally do something by firing Matt Millen.How this guy kept his job for so long I will never know.

 So, which direction do they go now? First, maybe they should give good ole' Wayne Fontes a call. Say what you will about the man.But as a Lions fan for 30 years, he gave me the best memories and put the best team on the field. For some reason,despite all the allegations,he got the guys to play for him. He took the team to the NFC championship game, got blown out, but nonetheless. The man knew how to build a team and then motivate them to play.He drafted Barry Sanders, and built around him.As good as the receivers are today (Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson),who can forget the trio of Herman Moore,Johnny Morton, and Brett Perriman.Those guys were unstoppable. 3 receivers and a running back all over 100 yards Thanksgiving Day against the Pack..C'mon..

 Like I said, say what you will about the man,The Big Buck, Cocaine Wayne,Rasputin.He may be the all time loosingest coach in Lions history.But,he is also the all time winningest.The man knew something.

 In reality though, The Lions really need to try and offer Jimmy Johnson whatever he wants to come out of retirement and be the GM/Coach. C'mon Mr Ford,Lets do the right thing for the fans her in "The D".