SEC Football Weekly Rundown: Week Six Displays UK vs. Bama and Auburn vs. Vandy

Tim CroleySenior Analyst IOctober 2, 2008

Week five proved to be crazy in college football – everywhere!


Teams were dropping faster than the stock market.


I, like most things in this country right now, also took a turn for the worse after being unblemished in my first two weeks.  Lucky for me it was just one loss.


But hey, who would have ever thought the Rebels would have shocked the Gators, in the Swamp? I guess I should have looked a little closer at the history of this game.


So, entering week six, my third week at recapping and predicting the games, I have suffered a single blow to the hands of Houston Nutt and the Ole Miss Rebels. Enough with all of that though, let’s get straight to the action.



Week Five Recap





You have to give credit where credit is due. The ‘Dores got the week off after opening the season 4-0. They play host to Auburn this week, as well as ESPN's College GameDay. Look for this game to produce some attention!





If I have ever dropped the ball on a B/R article it was here, having Arkansas listed as having the week off. It seems I had forgotten all about that whole Ike, Texas game cancelation, rescheduled for last week ordeal.  Oh well, I don’t think anyone had them even coming close to winning.


Poor Arkansas. They are now officially the bottom dweller of the SEC, and college football in the south!





Eventually I will get this right.


I also had the ‘Cats down as playing host to Temple, when in fact they were hosting Western Kentucky. 


That is my second writing blunder of the week with this article, but hopefully that is behind me now.  I have double-checked and finally have a reliable SEC schedule. Besides that, I think I know who Kentucky is really playing this Saturday.


Either way they secured the win last week and look to do the same again this week as they head into Tuscaoloosa at 4-0.


I had them down to win 44-9 over Temple, when in fact they won 41-3 over Western Kentucky.



South Carolina


The Gamecocks are doing just enough to hang on to the Poinsettia Bowl hopes, BabyTate. Anymore poor performances out of Spurrier's crew and they can go ahead and punch their ticket to the Toilet Bowl!


Did anyone even watch this game?


Considering it was not on television, I guess only die hard Gamecock fans were the only ones to endure this one.


I had South Carolina down to win 24-10. They won an ugly one, 26-13. Only a one-point difference in my predicted spread.



Ole Miss


Give them credit. The Rebels played ball Saturday afternoon. Who would have thought that would have happened.


Well, I can bet there is someone out there who saw this one coming. I just don’t personally know anyone who did.


After dropping the two of the first four games to Wake and Vandy, I thought Ole Miss was done for the year, having all the air taken out of their sail. I was wrong. They are starting to play some ball.


History has proven that Ole Miss has Florida’s number. Saturday was no different.





What can I say to you Florida fans?


You beat down Fulmer and the Vols, and then you let the Rebels pull off one of the biggest upsets of the year.


Why not try the field goal. I mean, I don’t know who your kicker is, but apparently Urban has no faith in him.


Plus, when your Heisman quarterback has to come out and apologize after the game that says one thing to me: The Gators did not prepare!


Enough said with this one. I got my first loss of the season and am having to eat a little humble pie myself with this one, Gray Ghost. The prediction was 40-14 in favor of the Gators, but the Rebels pulled it off 31-30.



Mississippi State/LSU


This Mississippi State team is so bad I’m not even going to waste my time.


But wait, didn’t they play LSU tough? No. Not really.


I may be wrong, but I believe LSU had a let-down game after that big win over Auburn. At least I hope that’s what it was for LSU’s sake.


LSU, this was a wake-up call. This one was closer than expected. Now it is time to turn on the burners you Bayou Bengals.


The prediction was a 26 point spread, 32-6, in LSU’s favor, but the actual score was a little closer with LSU still taking the game 34-24.





This one falls into the same category as the LSU and State game. Not much to bring up here.


Tennessee is too bad to even bother mentioning.


Auburn, if you don’t play better on offense you will be in the same boat with the Vols and the Bulldogs from Mississippi. You are lucky Tennessee gave you an early Christmas gift in their own end zone.


Tennessee lost, as expected, by a score of 14-12. I thought Auburn’s defense would score twice. I was wrong with my 23-10 spread. Still I got the winner right.





The blackout backfired, sorry. Well, I’m not that sorry. My team did win. Anyway….


Georgia really does have a good team. I think they just got lost in all of the hype. I have a feeling the black jersey’s will be put to the back of the locker room and stored away for a while.


Don’t fret though, Mr. Dawg, you still have hopes. Florida lost on Saturday as well and if you win out, you will still go to play for the SEC Championship at season’s end.





What can I say that you haven’t seen on the field already?


You did it. You surpassed in one single night the expectations that most had for you for the season. Now the heat is on! The entire country is looking to you, waiting for you to fumble the season away.


Remember this: no one expected you to be here, so, whatever you get this year is just extra. Go out and play lights out and you’ll be just fine.


The prediction was Bama by four points, 27-23. They showed up and showed out, jumping to a 31-0 halftime lead before taking it home 41-30.




Wow, it’s going to be hard to follow all of that excitement this week, but here goes…


Week Six Games




The Dawgs will have the week off to lick their wounds following the black eye - I mean the blackout. This should give them plenty of time to prepare for a game of revenge over Fulmer and the Vols. Sick ‘em Dawgs!!


As a side note, I have heard many people say that LSU is no longer the worst school to visit in the SEC. Apparently many students at the university were noted by some prominent sports writers, broadcasters, etc., as having thrown beer at them, poured beer on top of them, and other lewd acts during the broadcast of their respective shows. In fact, one in particular said that he would personally replace the branding that has been placed on LSU’s fan base and now place it on UGA.


Personally, I hate that this has happened. I hate that any SEC school would be thought of in this way. I have always had respect for Georgia and their fans. I still do, but it makes me sad that this would take place.


I know that college kids will do stupid things sometimes, but when more you have several sportswriters come on the air Monday and all report the same thing having personally happened to them, you know it was not some isolate incident. UGA students/fans, you are classier than that!





Coming out of September flawless in the SEC is beginning to mean more and more as these teams are as competitive as ever. LSU, my hat’s off to you.


You endured a hurricane, had a long layoff between games, went on the road to win your SEC opener, and now you get some much deserved rest before traveling to the swamp next Saturday.


Enjoy it while you can. Your about to face your toughest stretch of the year, playing three of the conference’s best in a five week period.



Mississippi State


Where did you go Mr. Bulldog? After a surprising 2007 season, the “Fighting Crooms” are looking more like the dog I saw laying on the side of the road the other day!


Where is the intensity? Where is the passion?


I know LSU blew you out in last year’s opener, but you fought back. You made a respectable season out of it. You beat both teams from the state of Alabama.


Now, I’m not sure if you could beat Alabama State!


Rest up, ole boy, four more losses, I mean games, before you get another rest.



Northern Illinois vs. Tennessee


I’ll go ahead and get this one out of the way.




While I don’t know much about this Northern Illinois team, I do know this. I witnessed in person them upsetting my Crimson Tide in 2003.


This Husky team is not going to come in and roll over. They will fight.


The question is, will UT fight as well?


If the last two games are any indication of what this Vols team has left in the tank, I’d say they are running on less than a quarter tank and there is still about 500 miles to go before the season is over.


Tennessee does have the longest consecutive game stretch of any SEC team, as they are in the midst of nine straight, which includes six of their eight conference games.


They’ll make it past this road bump in the form of Northern Illinois, but the next four games could be brutal!


Game Prediction: UT 21 UNI 20



Florida vs. Arkansas




You know what your problem is? Well, I would tell you but I don’t think I have the time. I’ll just narrow it down to these two: your offense and your defense.


I think your special team squad is okay. It could probably hang with some in the country.


And hey, Mr. C. Dick, you are a pretty good quarterback. Too bad you don’t have a team to go along with it.


You were supposed to get the week off before hosting the Gators, but Ike had different plans for you.


After being outscored 101- 24 in the past two games, I think you are beyond embarrassing. I just hate it for you that Florida lost last week. You might just see 40-plus hung on you for a third straight week.




Gator nation, don’t give up hope yet. UGA got thumped Saturday night, so your woes from earlier that day should have been soothed somewhat.


You still have hopes for making it to the ATL in December.


You still have the Heisman Trophy winner.


You still have as much if not more than most teams in this country.


What I don’t know if you have or not is the will to fight back to the top.


Go out and rear your ugly head this week as you chomp down on some tasty ribs, sausage, and bacon! That’s all it will take to boast you back up.


Game Prediction: Gators 44 Hogs 20



South Carolina vs. Ole Miss


South Carolina


The Gamecocks managed to come away with a 3-2 September record. The bad thing is that both losses were at the hands of SEC foes, thus plummeting them to the bottom of the SEC title race.


On a positive note, you played hard against two of the best teams in the East right now, UGA and Vandy. Wow, I can’t believe Vandy is leading the SEC East!


Anyway, you were able to scrap away and win the last two games. Traveling to Ole Miss this week will require a bit more scrapping.


Ole Miss


The Rebels are on an emotional high after upsetting the Gators in Gainesville.


Houston Nutt got his first Mississippi Gatorade bath. Fitting, considering the University of Florida is the birthplace of Gatorade.


Two things stood out to me that the Rebels can take with them to make a run at having a good season:


1) They faced adversity in a big way, but simply outplayed Florida’s offense. They controlled that line and held Tebow in check. It wasn’t even close on that last desperation plow on fourth and inches.


2) They got the monkey off their backs by finally winning an SEC game. Now, that the pressure is off, just go out there and play ball.


Just don’t let that Sports Illustrated curse get to you!


How does two SEC victories in a row sound Rebel nation?


Game Prediction: Ole Miss 28 South Carolina 13



Kentucky vs. Alabama




Okay, so Kentucky comes in this game undefeated. They are flying high right now. But can they keep it up?


Their level of competition has not been the greatest, but still they are undefeated. That’s more than a few others who expected to win it all this year can say going into month two of the season.


Kentucky comes to town with the best scoring defense in the nation, giving up a mere 5.5 points per game. That is pretty impressive.


So, this may be an interesting game, to see how Kentuckyhandles Bama’s tough rushing attack, and how Bama scores against this stingy defense.




Has any team been more impressive this season?


Who else has beaten two top-ten teams, convincingly, as underdogs???


Nevertheless, who else is due for the biggest let down of all the college football teams in the country?


Two things to remember:


1) This Kentucky team is not the same Andre Woodson-led team that stunned LSU last year, in Lexington.


2) This Bama team is not the same that lost to LAMO last year either.


Bama may come in a little down, but trust me, they will get the job done. They can see the gold at the end of the rainbow. They know what lies ahead and that they hold destiny in their own hands.


Bama has dominated this series with an all-time record of 33-2-1, including an 8-0 record in Tuscaloosa. Yeah, expect a let down, for about the first two minutes of the game.


Game Prediction: Alabama 34 Kentucky 14 – Question: When was the last time both teams faced each other undefeated? Has it ever happened?




Game of the Week – Auburn vs. Vanderbilt




The offense is struggling. That’s no surprise.


Many fans want Kodi Burns to take over and run things under center. That is no surprise either.


The defense has held this team together so far this year. Again, no surprise.


If Auburn is going to win on the road their defense must step up once again and bail out the terrible offense. You guessed it, no surprise!


Ready for the surprise? Here it is…




Yep, that’s right. Vanderbilt could be the surprise team of the SEC this year, more so than Alabama.


Wow, this season has had some crazy turns so far, and the ‘Dores are right there in the mix.


Vanderbilt is the number one team in the SEC East, and they have been playing just smart, tough football.


Bobby Johnson is getting overlooked for what he has done in the Music City, and Commodore players are really smart, really.


The telling lines of this game will be whether they can refrain from turning the ball over against Auburn’s defense and take advantage of a woeful Tiger spread with their own defense. If so, then they will play the spoiler of the week and move to 5-0.


I believe their defense will get it done this week against a less than stellar Auburn spread, but can their offense play smart enough against a great Tiger defense?


College Game Day is in town, solid SEC defenses will once again be on stage, and the spirits are flying high…well, at least for one team.


Hey Auburn, Vanderbilt is better than Mississippi State, in my opinion; therefore, they get it done at home in a thriller.


Game Prediction: Vanderbilt 17 Auburn 16


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