Goran Dragic: Will the Houston Rocket Ever Become a NBA Star?

James SchmidtCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2011

Dragic vs Brooks
Dragic vs BrooksChristian Petersen/Getty Images

The Rockets traded Aaron Brooks to the Phoenix Suns, minutes before the deadline for Goran Dragic and a first-round draft pick.

My immediate reaction was, Goran Dragic? I thought Aaron Brooks had far more value.

But when you look at it, Goran fits right into the Rockets' system off the bench: He hustles, he can shoot and he can pass.

Brooks was, as Kevin Garnett says, "cancerous" to his team. Jacking up low-percentage shots was not a recipe for success in Houston—as it isn't for most teams in the league.

But Phoenix saw something in Brooks—maybe it was the magic from last season that failed to show this season. So the Suns took a chance, giving up a player arguably just as good as Brooks along with a draft pick, leaving Houston very happy.

Dragic is a fine player, but can he turn into a star like his mentor, Steve Nash?

Well, in my humble opinion: No.

Like I said, Dragic is a nice player, but he won't get the playing time. He also doesn't have the talent that I've seen (and I live in Phoenix, so I see a lot of Suns basketball) to reach that star level.

Could he eventually become a solid starter? Sure. But that does not necessarily mean he will ever start with Houston, especially with Kyle Lowry.

But what about Lowry? Could he become a star? Yes. Plain and simple.

He improved his three-point percentage by 10 percent last year. So it's obvious he has the desire to do so, and will turn himself into a top point guard in the league.

But what do you guys think? Who will turn into a star? Dragic? Lowry? Both or neither?