NFL Draft 2011: Why the Denver Broncos Won't Take a QB in the 1st or 2nd Round

Taylor StarrContributor IIMarch 25, 2011

NFL Draft 2011: Why the Denver Broncos Won't Take a QB in the 1st or 2nd Round

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    The Broncos have been working out some QB's in the draft recently:

    Cam Newton

    Blaine Gabbert

    Jake Locker

    Colin Kaepernick

    But, is the Broncos front office really considering taking one of them in the first or second round? What about Tim Tebow? What about Kyle Orton? Does a new scheme mean they'll take one of these Quarterbacks early in the draft? This writer doesn't think so. Here's why.

Reason 1: Needs First!

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    The Broncos have many needs, yes, but not at QB. Most of them come on the defense. Dumervil will be switching back to a 4-3 DE, and Robert Ayers will too. I think Dumervil will be fine, knowing how in his first 3 seasons as a Bronco, played DE and recorded 26 sacks. Ayers is a question mark though.

    The Broncos, without a doubt, need a DT. BADLY. Biggest need on the 4-12 Denver Broncos, if you ask me or any other Denver fan.

    We also need help from the pass rush from our defensive line, and linebackers. DJ Williams is more of a run stopper. He's ok when it comes to pass rush, but he's not excellent.

    You could argue about the secondary, but even if you had Champ Bailey, Ed Reed, Eric Berry, and Nnmadi Asomugha in your secondary, and with Darrelle Revis third string CB (or vise-versa with Champ) if you didn't have a pass rush, it wouldn't be very effective.

    We also need an OT with Ryan Harris possibly leaving, and they play RT for Tebow's blindside.

    Don't forget the running game! Moreno's a solid back, but it wouldn't hurt to get him a good compliment.

Reason #2: The Broncos Already Have a Great Passing Game

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    The Broncos had one of the best passing attacks in the NFL last season. Kyle Orton had a breakout season, and was great until the game against the Chiefs in Kansas City. (Orton was 9/28 with 117 yards) And while he was terrible in the Cardinals game too, throwing 3 interceptions, he also got injured.

    That brings in Tim Tebow.

    Tebow showed flashes of brilliance in his 3 starts. He was 8/16 for 138 yards and a touchdown pass against the Raiders, also running for 78 yards and that 40 yard touchdown run.

    He threw for 308 yards with a touchdown and leading Denver to a come-from behind win against the Texans. Also ran for a TD there.

    Tim threw for 206 yards with 2 touchdown passes and interceptions against the Chargers. He almost lead another come from behind win, but he came up short. He ran for another TD in this one.

    Every game Tebow started, he threw at least 1 touchdown, and ran for a touchdown.

    If you actually bring in someone like Newton or Gabbert, it's not gonna help the team, regardless how good they are. The Broncos still suck in many other areas.

Reason #3: TIM TEBOW

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    No, I'm not done talking about Tebow.

    The Broncos traded a second, third, and fourth round pick in last years draft to Baltimore for their first rounder to select Tebow.

    How would that look if the Broncos traded Tebow either this offseason or next? Not very good. Wasted picks.

    If you trade that much to draft a QB, you may as well play him and give him a shot.

Reason 4: Andrew Luck

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    We all know Elway REALLY likes Andrew Luck (kinda a coincidence since Luck goes to the same college Elway did, Stanford.

    If the Broncos draft a QB this year second overall, that means you'd be dumber than Al Davis if you took Andrew Luck next year. Think about it:

    Tebow in 2010, Locker (example) 2011, Luck 2012. Do you honestly see that happening? 3 first round QB's 3 years in a row?

Reason 5: John Elway Would Go from Loved to Down-Right HATED

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    You see the fans in this picture? They love Tim Tebow. They think he's going to be excellent in the NFL and win a couple of Super Bowls for the Denver Broncos.

    Try multiplying the fans love for Tebow by a whole lot.

    The Broncos fans LOVE Tebow. They've wanted him to start the whole 2010 season. His jersey was the highest seller in NFL history (for the NFL draft that is)

    Can you imagine how saddened the Bronco Nation would feel if Tebow got traded?

    John Elway won a couple of Super Bowls for the Broncos back in his playing time. The fans in Denver love him as well. But, it would really tarnish his legacy if he got rid of Tebow for pretty much anyone else.

Reason 6: Its a Smokescreen

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    If you really expect the Broncos to take a QB in the first or second round, you're crazy.

    In the top 5 picks of this year's draft, the Broncos are the only team picking from there that doesn't have a need at QB. Look who else is there:

    1. Carolina

    3. Buffalo

    4. Cincinnati

    5. Arizona

    Plus, don't forget, the Dolphins, Titans, and 49ers are also in the market for a QB.

    This is very possibly a smokescreen to try and trade down. It's a message saying to them that they shouldn't assume their guy (Gabbert, Newton, or if they want to reach for Locker) will be available when they pick. So it could make them desperate to trade up. I could definetly see the Cardinals or Bengals trading up to 2 to make sure they'll be able to draft either Gabbert or Newton. (Carolina could possibly take Gabbert first overall though)

    This is actually a great idea and we could be able to trade down to 4 or 5.

    I'm willing to bet $400 that the Broncos will NOT draft a QB on draft day.