Best Part of Playing Utah State

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Best Part of Playing Utah State

I don’t see any way that Utah State can handle the freight train that is BYU. Certainly in basketball they’ve had our number a couple times, but football is just a different story. Especially this year. Most years this means that it will probably be a blowout game that won’t be as exciting to watch, but I’m still really happy we are playing Utah State.

Sure, the in state rivalry is nice. I love the storylines of BYU players from the Logan area headed back to battle their friends. It’s also nice to give BYU’s backup players a chance for some playing time. However, that’s not why I love Utah State on our schedule. I love it most, because it’s not under the lame Mtn TV contract and so BYU TV can broadcast it online for those around the world. Online streaming video of BYU and Utah State is great so I can watch the game sitting at my computer with the game on one screen and Cougarboard scrolling on the other.

I just wish that all those BYU alums at Move Networks would go and do some charity work by offering their great technology to the MTN, CSTV and Versus so we can watch all the games online.

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