NFL Rule Changes: 10 Other Rule Changes for Other Sports To Consider

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NFL Rule Changes: 10 Other Rule Changes for Other Sports To Consider
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The NFL owners, in their infinite wisdom, have voted to have teams kick off from their own 35-yard line rather than their own 30.

Are they looking ahead, or trying to return the game to the rules of 1993?

You may have heard about or read the tweets sent by prolific kickoff returners such as Devin Hester (pictured) and Josh Cribbs. They were none too pleased with the rule change.

Can you blame them? 

On paper, many more kickoffs will go sailing into or through the end zone for touchbacks. When this happens, it neutralizes the game-changing abilities of players like Cribbs and Hester.

My first reaction was to agree with Hester, as I want to see more kickoff returns; it's a very exciting play.

But then, I started to reconsider.

Certainly, NFL owners want what's best for their players—even if it means locking them out if they earn too much money for their own protection.

I'm sure that the 35-yard line kickoff is meant solely for the safety of the players; after all, we know that the owners utilize the safest helmet technology known to modern science, without any cost consideration.

But all sarcasm aside, what if this is truly a safety consideration?

And given the NFL's hold on all sports, isn't it logical that other sports leagues will try to emulate them?

Please say "yes," as that's the premise for this piece.

My sources (who shall remain nameless, faceless and mostly clueless) have indicated to me that the following rule changes are being considered in other sports.

So, what do you think?

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