WWE: Why Does the IWC Hate John Cena?

Bryan FloryAnalyst IMarch 23, 2011

When it comes to John Cena, there's no middle ground: either you love him, or hate him, passionately.

Even Cena himself realizes that nearly every adult male over the age of 18 hates him, but every woman and child loves him.

It's widely known that the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) hates Super Cena. But why do we hate him so much?

Six years ago, at WrestleMania 21, we cheered when Cena finally ended the reign of JBL. We were shocked and elated to see him subsequently drafted to Raw (one of the more shocking moments in recent wrestling history).

But somewhere along the line, he fell out of favor with the IWC.

It all started at SummerSlam 2005, when Chris Jericho faced Cena in his last match during his first stint with the WWE. The fans began to turn on Cena after we were sad to see Jericho go, and thought that he was being wronged by having to lose to Cena multiple times.

From that point on, Cena has gone through feuds with everyone from Kurt Angle to Edge to Triple H to Shawn Michaels to Randy Orton to Batista, and he has defeated them all.

Which is exactly the reason he's fallen out of favor with fans.

Finding out that wrestling is scripted is much like finding out that Santa Claus isn't real: it hurts at the beginning, but then you appreciate it for what it is.

The WWE, for better or worse, is a form of entertainment that bridges the gap between sports and entertainment. We tune in every week to see our favorite superstars do things that showcase their superior athleticism, while also providing dramatic story lines.

In other words, the WWE's success hinges on believability and suspense.

And that is exactly what has been lost with John Cena. The Super Cena persona has completely ruined Cena's credibility because he never loses cleanly.

Take a second and try and recall two things:

A) When was the last time you thought John Cena would legitimately lose a match?

B) When was the last time John Cena lost a match cleanly?

The last time I truly believed Cena would lose was the match I started the article with: WrestleMania 21 against JBL. It has been six darn years since I legitimately thought he would lose.

And I honestly can't remember the last time he lost a match cleanly.

Every match involving the Nexus involved outside interference, and every time Cena drops the title it's viewed as either a fluke or someone capitalizing on him in a vulnerable spot (a la Batista and Edge after the Elimination Chambers).

People may characterize all of us as Cena haters, but the fact of the matter is I don't hate Cena at all. I think John Cena is a great ambassador for the WWE. He says all the right things, and you would never dream of seeing him in a situation like TNA has with Jeff Hardy.

I just hate the idea of a character like his.

I don't like Cena for the same reason I don't like Hulk Hogan and am beginning to not like Randy Orton. Once you take out the believability of them losing, why even watch the match?

It's not like we're talking about guys who are going to put on incredible matches night in and night out that are technically sound. At least if a guy like Brock Lesnar or Kurt Angle was handled in this manner, you would be treated to a great wrestling match.

I don't mean to take away from Cena's ability. He obviously has improved tremendously in the ring over the years, but if it's that predictable that he is going to win every match, why should I even watch?

The WWE is not like other sports.

Currently, most of us are watching college basketball's NCAA Tournament. Why do we watch these games that 99 percent of us could care less about?

Because we want to see competitive games with a surprise ending.

Most of us weren't interested in Ohio State vs. Texas San Antonio, because we all knew it would be a blowout, which is exactly the same reason Cena has fallen out of favor with us.

If the NCAA Tournament was a bunch of 1 seeds and 16 seeds, it would get crappy ratings too, and people would complain.

Therefore, I plead with the WWE: restore your own credibility by having John Cena lose cleanly to the Miz at WrestleMania 27.

Maybe, just maybe, Cena can start to regain his popularity with the IWC.

Enough of me. I want to know why you, the members of the IWC, love or hate John Cena. Do you see it like I do?

Please comment below and let me know what you think.


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