2011 NFL Draft: Latest Draft News and Rumors for Every AFC Team

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2011 NFL Draft: Latest Draft News and Rumors for Every AFC Team
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Well, since I gave the NFC plenty of attention yesterday, it's time to do the same for the AFC.

This is more of a newsier approach today. There's lots of information, speculation and news swirling around about every AFC team. Trust me, though: I'll still throw in my opinion where I deem necessary.

I like the mystery surrounding so many of these teams, especially those with high draft picks. There's Buffalo, for instance, which could take one of the top quarterbacks, or go defense. Cincinnati could wind up taking Cam Newton, or go with A.J. Green. Also, there's now talk that Cleveland may not stay in its spot.

As far as those three teams go, let me address each real quickly.

Buffalo: Take Blaine Gabbert if he's there, but go with Patrick Peterson if you get the chance.

If I'm Cincinnati, I take Cam Newton. They're just a perfect fit, don't you think?

As for Cleveland: Be careful, Mike Holmgren. Unless you're 100 percent sure you can get what you need, I wouldn't trade that pick.

There's plenty to get to with all these teams. It's nice any time you can hear from Rex Ryan. I also want to touch on Mark Ingram, who impressed more NFL teams recently. San Diego and New England could also be changing things up.

With so much to chew on, keep in mind that much of what you hear out there are smokescreens and statements thrown out just to keep other teams guessing. Very little of what you hear right before the draft is true, but some of it is truthful, which makes the draft all the more entertaining.

So let's go for it. Give me your thoughts. Let me know what catches your attention about these AFC teams.

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