Timlin off ALDS roster, Sox/Angels stat breakdown

Evan Brunell@evanbrunellFeatured ColumnistOctober 1, 2008

First, some interesting news about the ALDS roster. Mike Lowell and J.D. Drew are apparently healthy enough to be included. The Sox also put catcher David Ross on, which I have to think is to protect their catching depth if/when Tim Wakefield pitches so either Varitek or Cash can be replaced and still have a backup. Mike Timlin was left off in favor of ross.

I received an e-mail touting the The Bill James Handbook 2009 and the e-mail had a preview of the playoff field and some interesting stats. Here’s where the Red Sox lie:

  • The Red Sox have scored the second-most runs behind the Cubs in the majors with 845. (Angels 7th, 765.)
  • The Red Sox are second to last in net bases gained in baserunning, adding eight runs. The White Sox are last at -20. (Angels 7th, 22.)
  • Terry Francona ranks seventh out of nine (the White Sox and Twins were included) in sacrifice attempts with 40. Mike Scioscia had 39.
  • Francona ordered 17 intentional walks, the least of the playoff field. Second to last was Joe Maddon of the Rays with 29. (Angels 6th, 32.)
  • Francona had “runners moving” 87 times, good for last place. (Angels 2nd, 151.)
  • The Team ERA ranks 7th with a 4.01 ERA. (Angels 6th, 3.99.)
  • The Red Sox have manufactured 145 runs, good for 7th place. (Angels 3rd, 181.)
  • The Red Sox have made 29 more defensive plays than the average team, good for fourth. (Angels 5th, -10.)
  • Kevin Youkilis leads the Red Sox with 27 Win Shares, third among playoff teams (Joe Mauer and Chase Utley with 30).