Fishing Using Boom Rigs

Jess KContributor IIIMarch 22, 2011

Whether or not you have entered into this spring with some official or unofficial fishing instruction, chances are that you will happen across certain terms such as these that might make something seem rather complex and confusing that may not be in reality. In fact, most if not all fishing concepts are rather basic with logical, simple explanations to them. For example, the boom rig.

At first, this idea might seem like some sort of far off technique or complicated method that you might never be able to understand. However, a boom rig is simple a piece of fishing gear in the form of a jig. This jig simply helps to allow fishermen to fish along some rather rough lake or river floors without running the risk of their fishing line becoming tangled and snarled in the grasses and weeds that exist below.

The boom rig does this by suspending the fishing hook on what is called a boom. The boom serves to hold the fishing hook at a certain angle from the weight on your line so that the bait as well as the barb both remain pointing upward while being suspended right above the floor.

This comes in extremely handy for when you are fishing along bottoms of lakes with a significant amount of vegetation growing, particularly if your drift picks up due to some wind. Too many times in these sorts of conditions the anglers hook will continuously get caught or snagged or the drift will be too quick to even let the fish catch up to the lure.

With a boom rig, this problem is solved because it prevents your hook from dragging along the bottom and keeps it from drifting too far as well.

Working with a boom rig can be extremely beneficial particularly if you are using larger weights that normally aren’t ideal for these situations. If the wind is blowing rather strong, the floor of the lake is full of weeds and you find that you need to fish along the bottom in order to catch your fish, boom rigs are a perfect option.

The next time you are curious as to what the fancy name of a piece of fishing gear means, keep in mind that these pieces of equipment can also mean they are used in a variety of different ways or locations as well. You may have already even used a boom rig and just heard it called by a different name.