LeBron James Workout Video: Watch the Heat Star on the Ellen Show

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LeBron James Workout Video Has the King Grooving on Ellen DeGeneres Show

If you think Miami Heat star LeBron James is full of himself, you may not want to watch this video.

You will have further proof that he is.

Recently James surprised Ellen DeGeneres' writer, Amy, at an aerobics class, jumping into the action in only the way the King himself can.

Sporting a Nike "Witness" T-shirt, James proceeded to dance among the ladies, torturing us all with his dance moves and making this writer vomit on the spot.

If this were anyone else, this video would be funny, even endearing.

But this is LeBron James, a guy who can't seem to get enough of himself and must subject the nation to displays of how "cool" he is time and time again.

It started with the infamous "The Decision," that hour-long ESPN special that treated James' announcement that he would be taking his talents to South Beach like a soap box, giving James all the power in the world to show so many people he really didn't care about respecting a city that used to call him one of their own.

After the inevitable backlash, James decided to do a Nike commercial, subtly hinting to everyone that he couldn't make anyone happy and he was the victim, repeating the words "What should I do?"

Now he gets attention by simply making some asinine gesture after every dunk (he dunks a lot) and finding ways to inject himself into every living room in America.

He already is practically the center of the basketball universe, I don't need him filtering through every TV station or Web site that I come across.

There should be LeBron James filtering settings for my Web browser.

I know this may come off as too harsh or over the top, but I can't be the only one that has grown weary of James' endless charade.

Can I?

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