Chicago Cubs' First Loss Is Not a Big Deal...Yet

David TheobaldContributor IOctober 1, 2008

Well, it looks like the Cubs are doomed again! One bitter loss and the sky is falling! Hold the phone! History doesn't bode well for losers of the first game of an N.L. Division Series, but the media doesn't tell you the history in the A.L.

Only two teams in the National League have come back from a first loss to win the series and advance to the NLCS. Since 1995, they are: The Mets of 2000, and the Marlins of 2003.

San Francisco was down 2-1 in 2002 and came back and won their series. Look closely, these teams advanced to the World Series! Maybe this is the wake up call the Cubs needed, or perhaps it is the beginning of another postseason dive.

Just wait, look at the A.L. record. 12 years in a row there was at least one of the division series won by a team that lost its first game. 14 in all, over that time period. Out of those 14 series, seven of them advanced the World Series. The better team prevailed in the end. The Yankees were in this position five times and won.

Yes, it all rides on Game Two, with Big Z, and if the Cubs want to be team No. 3 to come back after a first-game loss in the NLDS, then now is the time and there is still hope!